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20 Fun, Free Printable Easter Activities For Kids

Having some free printable Easter activities on hand for all of your Easter celebrations is just smart.

Below you’ll find some super fun ideas for this Easter time.

Easter Printable Activities PDF

I love using these Easter activities throughout the entire month before Easter to help get my kids in the spirit.

Not that they really need help, but you know.

So whether you are looking for Easter crafts, Easter coloring pages, Easter scavenger hunts or something totally different, these fun Easter activities are sure to entertain kids of all ages.

Be sure to check out my free printable Easter games also!

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One of my favorite things to keep on hand for all of our printable activities are these dry erase pocket sleeves.

They allow you to reuse your printables over and over again!

Free Printable Easter Activities For Kids

1. Easter Scavenger Hunt

Printable Outdoor Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues

Your kids will love this outdoor scavenger hunt.

You can do this activity anytime before Easter or as part of an Easter party.

It could also be set up by the Easter Bunny himself, and lead to your child’s Easter basket on Easter morning.

Click here to get your Easter Scavenger Hunt clues!

2. Easter Word Scramble

Easter Word Scramble Printable

If your kids love word games, they will love trying to figure out these scrambled Easter words!

3. Easter Mad Libs

Okay, Mad Libs are a seriously fun Easter activity.

These mad lib printables come with three different super fun and funny mad lib stories for your kids.

The great thing is that Mad Libs are educational (without your kids even noticing it!).

The bad thing is that they will be asking for more!

I have three different Mad Lib stories for you.

Here’s what they say:

Easter Oops!

Once upon a time, the Easter Bunny was getting ready to deliver _______________________ on Easter morning. As he was hopping from house to house, he tripped and fell into a __________________________ of chocolate. He was covered from _______________________ to ______________________ in chocolate! Even his ___________________________ was covered in chocolate.

He wasn’t sure that he could continue because he felt so _________________________ and _______________________. But he had to finish delivering the eggs.

As he hopped through the neighborhood, children started to _________________________ him. They thought he was a giant chocolate _______________________! The children started to bite his ________________________________. He screamed which made the children run and hide.

The Easter bunny was ____________________________ that he had scared the children but he was happy that he could continue delivering the ________________________.

The Missing Eggs

One Easter, there was a big neighborhood Easter egg hunt. The eggs were hidden in very creative places: in __________________________, _______________________ and even in a _____________________! The hiding places were so good that no one could find any of the eggs! The kids searched for _________________________ minutes. Their ____________________________ helped, too! Some of the kids started to __________________________. They were so ___________________ from searching for so long. Other kids started to ____________________. Then, one boy saw a ________________________. All of the kids started to follow it to the ____________________________. There, they found all of the eggs. The kids were so ____________________________.

Egg Dye, Oh My!

It was Easter weekend and my ____________________ family gathered to dye Easter eggs. The kitchen was filled with the _______________________ smell of boiled eggs. As they kids dyed the eggs, their _____________________________ jumped onto the table causing the dye to spill. Green dye splattered onto the _______________________, red dye dripped onto the _______________________ and blue dye stained the _________________________. Even the _________________________ was purple! The kids were ______________________. They tried to clean the kitchen with some ________________________, but it didn’t work. Then, they tried to cover the stains with a _____________________________. That didn’t work either. They knew their parents would be ________________________. But to their surprise, their parents liked the new colorful kitchen! It was a very _________________________ Easter.

So cute, right?

4. Easter Would You Rather Questions

Easter Would You Rather Printable

This Easter would you rather question printable is the perfect printable to take on the go if you’re going to be traveling this Easter holiday.

The whole family will bond over this quality time family activity.

Here are the questions:

Would you rather…

  • eat marshmallow Peeps or a chocolate bunny?
  • eat 10 black jelly beans or 1 tiny chocolate egg?
  • eat a peanut butter egg or a caramel egg?
  • find a golden egg or the easter bunny himself?
  • have a bunny tail or bunny whiskers?
  • be the easter bunny or a normal bunny?
  • eat a handful or black jellybeans or very stale peeps?
  • search for easter eggs in a creepy basement or in a hot and stuffy attic?
  • Eat carrots everyday or hop wherever you go?
  • hide the easter eggs or find them?
  • eat all of your easter candy at once or eat a little bit each day for one month?
  • have a pet bunny or a pet chick?
  • dye your hands red or dye your hair blue?
  • live in a rabbit hole or a bird’s nest?
  • have chocolate on your face or jellybeans in your teeth?

Check out my HUGE collection would you rather questions for kids if you’re looking for more!

5. Printable Easter Basket Craft

How cute is this?

Just grab some crayons, scissors and glue and your child can make their own unique Easter basket craft without having to draw.

Perfect for the kids who love to create but who don’t love drawing!

Printable Easter Craft

Click here to download your Easter Cut And Paste printable.

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I hope you found some great free Easter printables!

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