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10 Easy But Fun Easter Activities For Kids

I love Easter! I love spring, the bright colors, flowers blooming, new life, and remembering the importance of this special season!

Celebrating Easter with kids is just too fun! At our house, we love egg hunts, dying Easter eggs, going on a hunt for our Easter baskets, and eating egg salad sandwiches for days from all of the eggs we dyed. 

Whether you have young children or older kids at home, I’m sure you’ve come here looking for some fun activities to do with your family to get everyone engaged and create some lasting memories. 

Maybe you’re hosting an Easter celebration and are on a hunt for new ideas to do when all the family and friends come.  

Or you might just need something to keep those little hands busy while you prep a regular weeknight dinner. I’ve been there before! 

Whatever the reason, these Easter activities are a great way to get the whole family involved in some fun! And you’ll love spending time with your kids in meaningful ways this Easter season. 

Easter Activities For Kids


1. Have An Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Before The Big Day

Easter Sunday can always be a bit busy with family, friends and attending a church service. In our family, we try to do all of the big celebratory things the day before Easter so on Easter Sunday we can focus on what Easter is all about. 

While outdoor easter egg hunts are fun, they can be a lot of work to put together. Especially when it is just for your kids. 

So who said you have to do it outside? Try an afternoon of an indoor Egg hunt. Your kids will LOVE this and have a great time. 

Head over to this post to see our 13 indoor easter egg hunt ideas such as:

Glow in the Dark Egg hunt. You’ll put a glow stick in each egg, turn out the lights after you hide them, then let your kids have at it. 

Or if they need more of a challenge, they can use flashlights to find the eggs (without glowsticks in them). 

You can also do an educational egg hunt. Write letters on all the outsides of the eggs and each time they find one they can tell you what sound that letter makes or a word that starts with that letter. This is a perfect way to review those phonics. 

2. Have A Frustration-Free Easter Egg Hunt (Perfect For Younger Kids)

While a traditional Easter egg hunt is wonderful, it can be hard for little kids. Do you have a busy toddler at home who can’t focus on searching for eggs? 

You’re in luck! We have 10 different simple Easter egg hunt ideas. Some of them include: 

Parachute Egg hunt. This is a creative way to help your toddler still collect eggs, but not have to find them. Put the eggs in the parachute (or bed sheet) and each of you grab a corner to fling the eggs all over the room. 

Then they can go collect them and do it again or put them in their basket. 

Color Coded eggs in another one of those good ideas to minimize sibling contention. Simply tell each child that they can collect all of the eggs of a certain color (I let you in on a little tip: make sure each color has the same amount). 

 You might also like the number recognition egg hunt. Use 12 eggs and write a number on each. Take an egg carton and number each hole 1-12. Then as they find each egg, they will say the number and match it to the one on the egg carton. 

3. Complete An Easy Easter Craft

Need a free printable template for a fun Easter activity? We’ve got it for you! 

print and cut a basket, bow, four eggs, bunny and carrot

This Easter craft includes: 

1. a free printable

2. Easter eggs to color 

3. An Easter basket to color 

4. An Easter bunny to color 

Simply print it out, follow the instructions to cut and color it, and then glue it all together and viola! Bunny crafts are so sweet. We hope you enjoy this one! 

4. Have An Easter Scavenger Hunt


We love scavenger hunts at my house! And it’s even more fun when you put a little Easter twist on it. 

It can be a great way to spend some quality family time together. Head over to this Easter scavenger hunt to get yours all set up. 

You’ll just need to print the cards, cut them out and hide them in the corresponding places outside. 

A fun way to end it could be to have their Easter baskets from the Easter bunny hiding at the end! 

5. Do An Easter Word Scramble


If your kids are needing a simple indoor activity to keep them calm for a few extra minutes, this is a great option. 

Check out this Easter word scramble that your kids will love. The best part about word scrambles is your kids are working on handwriting, letter recognition, and reading all at the same time! 


Something fun we like to do with our word scrambles is to have jelly beans or pom poms sitting at the end of each word. After they finish unscrambling it, they get to eat the jelly bean (or if we are using pom poms, then they glue it on paper to make a beautiful collage). 

6. Do Easter Mad Libs


If you haven’t already introduced Mad Libs into your home, Easter is the perfect time to do it. 

This is a perfect opportunity to get your kids laughing up a storm. And we all know that laughter creates great memories and bonding. 

Look at this Easter Mad Libs to print out and use in your home this Easter season. 

7. Ask Some Fun Easter Would You Rather Questions


Are you needing to travel this year for Easter? Road trip maybe? Whether you’re driving or flying, traveling with kids can get hard and long. 

These Easter Would You Rather questions are a great way to connect with your kids without all going stir-crazy from sitting for so long. 

Or maybe you need some good dinner conversation! I can guarantee this is going to bring up some great debates at the table. 

For example: would you rather eat marshmallow peeps or a chocolate bunny? My answer: definitely a chocolate bunny. I still can’t figure out why people love peeps so much. Mystery. 

Or this one: would you rather have a bunny tail or bunny whiskers? I would love to hear my kids’ responses to this one! 

8. Play Easter-Themed Guess Who


I guess instead of “guess who” you could call it “guess the egg”. This is one of those fun Easter games that can be played either on teams (if you have little kids) or you can challenge your kids to play on their own. 

Head over to our post about Easter activities to snag your Easter Guess Who game. Your kids (if they are like mine) will be asking to play this one over and over and over again. 

You might even have a fun surprise at the end having whoever won get a special Easter egg filled with candy. 

9. Play An Easter Trivia Game


Who knew there were so many interesting (and hard-to-answer) facts about Easter? This Easter Trivia is just what your family needs to challenge your mind. 

Here are some example questions: 

1. What state did the Easter bunny first appear in?

2. What color was the first Easter egg dyed?

3. How many chocolate bunnies are made each year? 

Try not looking at the answers and have fun sitting down to do it against your kids. 

Or if they are still young, use it to teach them about Easter and answer the questions together. 

10. Make An Easter Sensory Bin 

I don’t know about your kids, but at my house, sensory bins are a must at least 1-2 times per week. We just finished Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s day rice bins (colored rice depending on what holiday it is). 

So now, we can just dump those two together and add a little bit of orange, blue and yellow rice and we’ll have our Easter Rice bin. 

You can also just use plain rice and throw in some plastic eggs for them to fill up and dump out over and over again. You can even throw in some Easter cupcake liners and Easter cookie cutters. 

Another fun one is to do water with plastic eggs. They’ll love filling up the eggs and letting them pour out the little hole at the bottom. The options are endless here. 

Easter is such a fun time of year! And who says it can’t be celebrated all month long?! Try using these ideas every other day or so to help build up the excitement for Easter. 

And hopefully, it will help you to keep your sanity and have a little more peace in your home during those long and crazy afternoons! Enjoy! 


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