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75 Easter Egg Fillers For Toddlers (Non-Candy Ideas!)

Looking for Easter egg fillers for toddlers that AREN’T candy? ME TOO.

I try to avoid sugar overload, especially in the toddler stage when we still have control over such things.

And if you’re having a neighborhood egg hunt, you can avoid offending any parents of children with food allergies.

Why is it that every single holiday has to bring with it tons of candy? Mounds and mounds of candy!

Your toddler might not know much about candy yet. Let’s keep it that way, shall we?

Forget about jelly beans.

To be honest, you don’t have to fill your Easter egg hunt plastic eggs with ANYTHING. Your toddler is too young to realize that anything needs to go in there.

Also, your toddler will simply LOVE finding the eggs, and opening them (even if nothing’s inside).

However, if you’re wondering what to put in Easter eggs for toddlers or if you want the Easter bunny to bring some special eggs, then I’ve got some great ideas.

Because this is probably the age that gets the most excited about an Easter egg hunt. An Easter egg hunt for toddlers is SO fun.

Read on for the perfect little toys and trinkets for you.

PS- Older kids will love most of these fillers and toys, too.

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Fun Easter egg fillers for toddlers and your next Easter egg hunt.

**Please know that some of these small toys contain small parts and may pose a choking hazard for a young toddler or toddlers who love to put things in their mouths.

**Also realize that some of these toys require larger eggs. It might be a good idea to get some.

I have over 50 ideas for Easter egg fillers for toddlers coming up. However, if you’re super busy and you just don’t have time for that, these variety packs are for you!

The eggs come pre-filled!

Toddler Easter Egg Stuffers

These non-candy Easter egg fillers should amuse the toddler in your life!

1. Squishies

Like stress balls, but WAY cuter. And squishier.

2. Smash’ems

Like Squishies, but of your toddler’s favorite characters. You can check them out here, but DO NOT BUY THEM. You can find them much cheaper elsewhere.

3. Money

Coins or dollar bills will delight your toddler, even if she doesn’t fully understand the value of money yet. But I’d stick with coins. Your toddler will be just as happy.

4. Chapstick

5. Sticky Hand Toys

6. Easter-themed stamps

7. Raisins

8. Goldfish

9. Animal crackers

10. Pretzels

11. Cereal

12. Teddy Grahams

13. Yogurt melts

14. Fruit Snacks

15. Mini Fruit Roll-Ups

16. Sensory play items

17. Fruit By The Foot

18. Water-Growing Dinosaurs

19. Chalk

20. Whistles

21. Nail polish

I love Piggy Paint and Ella And Mila nail polish for my toddler.

22. Bathtub Coloring Tablets

23. Bath Bombs

Because you know, toddlers in 2019 are WAY cooler than toddlers of the ’80’s and do things like take tubbies with bath bombs.

Way cooler than I ever was.

24. Magnets

25. A golden ticket (especially if your toddler is familiar with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

26. Band-Aids

I think filling ALL of your eggs solely with Band-Aids would make for one happy toddler. Seriously, take this idea and run with it.

27.Movie tickets

28. Stretchy Snake Toys

29. Mini Slinkies

30. Fidget toys

31. Parachute men

32. Silly Putty

33. Foam Letters

Great for toddlers learning letter recognition!

34. Friendship bracelets

35. Punch balloons

36. Stickers

37. Hair Clips, hair bows or hair ties (perfect for a little girl)

38. Mini Play Doh

39. Mini Bubbles

40. Color Bath Drops

41. Bow tie

42. Play Jewelry

43. Un-inflated Balloons

44. Legos (I love the idea of placing one in each egg and then boom, you have another activity for later!)

45. Alphabet magnets

46. Hot wheels

47. . Bath Squirt Toys

48. Wind up toys

49. Light Up Rings

50. Poppers

Toddlers will LOVE these, but can’t control them on their own. Be forewarned: YOU will be the one popping them.

51. Temporary Tattoos

52. Bouncy Balls

53. Dollar store items (just raid the Dollar Store. Any small items will do!)

54. Whoopie Cushion

EASILY will be the favorite Easter basket filler.

55. Mini Animal Figurines (a little bunny would be perfect! Any mini items are sure to be a hit)

56. Puzzle pieces (that you can assemble later, all from the same puzzle)

57. Wooden Beads And String

58. Cute Socks

59. Kazoo

60. Mini flashlight

61. Glow Sticks

Small Toddler Toys For Easter Eggs

62. Littlest Pet Shop

63. Finger Puppets

64. Hatchimal Colleggtibles

65. Mini Construction Vehicles

66. Matchbox cars

67. Mini Slinky

68. Small stuffed toys

69. Twozies

From the makers of Shopkins, these are adorable collectible babies that come with matching pets.

70. Shopkins

71. Little People Toys

72. Pull Back Race Cars And Vehicles

73. Calico Critters

74. Mini Paw Patrol Figurines

What toddler ISN’T Paw Patrol obsessed?

75. Mini Thomas and Friends Trains

I hope your toddler has so much fun Easter egg hunting! Check out my related links below for fun Easter egg hunt ideas that are PERFECT for toddlers.

What are you going to put inside your toddler’s Easter eggs?


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