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Free Summer Activity Book That’ll Keep Kids Occupied For Hours

Summer break is upon us and this means we have entered the time of the year when I (and I’m guessing every other parent out there) starts frantically looking for fun things for kids to do to help with summer boredom!  From water balloon game ideas to summer would you rather questions, I am always on the hunt for daily summer activities for me and my little guy. 

I love activities we can do together and trying out new activities is my favorite! The older my son gets the more I get to expose him to all of my childhood favorite things and this summer activity book hits so many of them!  

From Mad Libs to charades, this summer activity book has all of the classic activities and will be so much fun for your kiddo to do!  

Summer Activity Book For Kids


This summer activity book comes with eight different pages and ends with a sweet journal entry where your child can talk all about their summer break. What I love about this book is that it has a little bit of everything: a coloring page, writing, games, creating and even acting. It really will be perfect for any kid and with all the fun illustrations this will be one of your child’s favorite activities this summer vacation!  Here are some other fun ways to use this printable: 

  • Glue the first page onto construction paper and make it a little more fancy
  • Staple the pages together to make into a book and a sweet keepsake!
  • When your child is done, you could laminate each page to turn them into a “board book” that your child could look at again and again. 
  • Are you a teacher?  This would be an excellent resource to give out at the end of the year! It gives kids a chance to keep school skills going all summer long!
  • This would also be an excellent resource for homeschool use or day care use! If you are a day care that goes all summer long, this would be a fun activity for your kids to do throughout the summer and a great little keepsake to give them at the end of summer. 
  • Going on a road trip? Nothing beats a road trip like these classic games, coloring pages and of course a journal reflection about the summer trip! This would be the perfect memento!

Activity Book Pages

1. Cover

This adorable cover starts your kiddo off with a fun coloring page and cover combo that reads “My Summer Activity Book”. 

What I love about this page is the fun illustrations that are all around the words! It would be a fun page to color and really is a place where your kid can make this their own!  

2. Summer Trivia


This summer trivia page is tons of fun!  All of the trivia questions are about summer and at the bottom are the answers upside down (classic, I know).  

The best part of this page is that your kid gets to learn super interesting summer facts that they can share with others.  My favorite question is- “Which animal hibernates in the summer”? The answer is  the crocodile and this was 100% new information for me!  

When my son heard this fact, he shared it with literally everyone he could, including the person who checked us out at the grocery store.  

It’s so fun to learn new things and this summer trivia hits multiple subject areas and will not disappoint! 

I think this activity would be super fun to read aloud and have each person in the family (or who is present) give their guess and then check the answer key.  No matter how your child does this page, they are sure to come out of it with some cool summer facts!

3. Summer Mad Libs


Mad Libs might be the world’s greatest word game and this summer Mad Libs workbook is the perfect summer edition! 

This Mad Libs is about the most perfect summer day with obviously some silly and fun words mixed in.  Mad Libs is a super funny and easy game to play that your child is sure to love.  Before they read the story, they have to fill in the blanks with whatever the line says. 

So if the line says adjective under it, your child would put an adjective there. After they have filled in all the blanks they get to read their awesome story. This is the fun part and usually will result in some giggles. 

Young children might need a little support during this page, but you could easily help them by giving them choices for each line and letting them choose one for you to write.  So if the line said “noun” you could offer “dog” or “apple” etc.  Giggle summer boredom away with this awesome game! 

4. Summer This Or That


I LOVE the game this or that! It’s such a fun way to get to know your kids favorites and share yours!  

This summer edition of this or that is the perfect way to hear about all of your kiddo’s favorite summer things!  

To do this page, your child could do it on their own and color in the box that fits them.  Another option is to read the question out loud and either the rest of the family or you and your child could answer each question and hear each others favorites! 

I think my favorite one is “sunburn” or “mosquito bite”; that one is sure to be a fun answer! 

5. Summer Word Search


I love word puzzles and this summer version is so cute! All of the classic summer words are listed for your kiddo to find. I actually use word searches in the classroom all the time for skills practice and I love that this doubles as a fun activity for your kid but also a way to review letters, words and play a game while doing so.  

Your child could go the classic route and circle their words in pencil or pen or they could get super fancy (according to my five year old) and highlight their answers with a highlighter.  The possibilities are really endless!

6. Summer Charades


You can’t have summer vacation without a little charades and let me tell you, these are SO awesome!  How can you beat things like “walking on hot sand” or “cannonballing into a pool”! You will for sure get your child’s imagination running with these fun summer charade cards!  

To play this game, your child will choose one to act out and once chosen, they can color that box in.  Then they will act it out and someone has to guess what they are doing. This page could also be done with another kid who has a summer activity book too!  

Each kid could take a turn picking and acting out the cards and once the card is done, both players would color the card in so it’s not done again.  A bonus of this page is that it might give you and your child some fun summer outdoor activity ideas like having a picnic, flying a kite or having a water balloon fight! 

7. Design The Popsicle


This might be my favorite page in the whole book because not only is it a coloring page, but it’s one your child gets to design!  

I love activities that get your child’s imagination going and this activity is sure to do just this! Will they create a rainbow Popsicle or go the silly route and create a fish, mustard, broccoli Popsicle? The possibilities are truly endless!  

This would be a fun activity to share after your kid is done and maybe add in a bonus activity and let your kid have a Popsicle after their masterpiece is complete!

8. Summer Journal


This summer journal is so cute and really gives your child a chance to reflect on their summer break and all that they loved from it.  The summer slide is a real thing and writing and forming ideas is such a valuable thing to practice! 

Plus, this is such a great way to document your child’s thoughts and would make for a really sweet memento when they are older.  Early learners could answer verbally and have you write down their answers. 

This works great for my five year old and I’m purposeful in making sure I write down his exact words because they are 100% cuter than any grammatically correct sentence! 

Accessing Your Printable

To access your printable, simply click on the link below and your download will appear instantly, no subscription required!  However, if you like this printable and want more fun activities and free printable sent directly to your inbox, subscribe below and you will get weekly emails with fun things like this printable!  

Free Summer Activity Book PDF

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