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Free Printable Charades Game That’s Perfect For Kids Of All Ages

The game of charades is one of my all time FAVORITE games! It’s such a fun activity and is perfect for family game night, family gatherings or even summer camp!  

I love this game because it always makes my entire family laugh and it’s so fun to act out the different words. I also like that it doesn’t really feel like a competitive game, but more of a fun opportunity for all the people you love to get together and be silly.  


I think it’s so valuable and important for my own son to see me having fun and being silly and this game does just that! Plus, this game requires no materials other than the charade cards so it can really be played anywhere.  

I love the idea of playing it in the summer outside or on a cold winters night by a fire.  It’s the perfect game for family gatherings because a ton of people can play together on teams, but it also can be played with just a few people (which is how my family plays most times). 

You can also put your own spin on this game to best fit your family. If you have older children you can play for points and have a team win and if you have younger children like me, you might play up until bed time and the game is just for fun. It’s flexible, fun and will also end in a good time.  

For me, charades is a core memory of a game my whole family would play together and that would always result in my brother and I cracking up. I also think it’s a great game for kids to have a fair shot at guessing and that evens the playing field for younger kids with older siblings.  

This printable is the perfect game of charades for a family because the charade cards are colorful, fun and are all activities that kids would be familiar with.  Get ready to have the best family game night with this printable charades game!

Printable Charades For Kids

The classic game of charades is taken up a notch with this adorable printable set! Each charade card is in a rainbow color and the printable comes with five pages of word cards with fourteen cards on each page.  

The card prompts are full of fun ideas like “eating something disgusting” or “walking like a duck” and will for sure be the perfect way to get everyone laughing! What I also love about this particular printable game is that the word cards are really kid friendly and that most kids would be able to act them out with no problems.  

The original game you find in stores can have cards that are not super family friendly and that makes this game trickier for younger children.  I also think that the charade prompts in this printable are easy to guess for kids so that they have a fair chance shouting out an answer or more importantly can play on their own with friends if they want to.  

This is a simple game to play that takes minimal prep and can be played almost anywhere! You can play this in your living room or on a camping trip, and if you’re talented enough you might even be able to play on a road trip (it’s that easy of a game!) 

There are a few ways to play this, but typically you divide into different teams with one of the team players acting out a charades card using body language and facial expressions, but no words. The rest of the players shout out what they think their player is acting out and the first player that says the correct answer wins that round. 

The nice thing about this game is that you can play with older kids and make this a quick pace guessing game or slow it down (a lot if needed) to make this just as fun for younger children.  It’s truly a game that is perfect for the entire family and is an excellent way to get all of your family members thinking creatively! 

To prep this game, all you need to do is print out the cards on paper (I always recommend card stock because it is so much more durable than computer paper), cut them out and fold them up and then put into a container or jar.  

  • For young kids, you can have them paired with an older kid or adult and have that person whisper what their card prompts and help them brainstorm how to act it out.  This is how we have always played with my son (he is five now and this still works great for him!) and it makes it so much fun for him and lets him be part of our family gatherings!  Another strategy with younger children is to have them pick two charade cards and let them pick which one they feel the most confident in acting out.  I find that when I do this with my son he has more confidence in his acting and it’s a good way to give them a chance to think through how to act out the different words.
  • I love having games like this ready to go, especially when we go to hotels or on trips.  This is the perfect game to always have prepped and ready to grab when you’re heading on a family trip but don’t want to take pack a ton. To make this game last through multiple plays, print on card stock and find a jar that has a lid so you can play over and over again.  
  • If you are a classroom teacher, this would be such a fun way to build community in the beginning of the year (or any time in the year!) Letting kids play in small groups together would be so much fun and a great way for kids to get to know each other and laugh together! Plus, this game really highlights the importance of body language and facial expressions, making it a mini social skills lesson too!

Accessing Your Printable

To access your free charade cards, click on the link at the bottom of this post and your printable set will instantly pop up.  

This printable charades game will be a great addition to your game nights and will the perfect opportunity to get your whole family in on a fun game that will make everyone laugh! If you have any funny experiences playing this game we would love to hear about them in the comments below! 

It’s so fun to hear how families are enjoying our printables and with the game charades, you are bound to have at least one funny family moment! If you enjoy this free printable, and we all know as busy moms that there is nothing better than free printables, you can enter your email address below to become a subscriber and receive a weekly newsletter with fun activities and awesome free printables. 

It’s a great way to find free printable games like this one and also fun activities for kids of all ages. I don’t always have the time to search for fun and free games and activities for my son so I love getting them in an email.  

Charades PDF

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