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130 Drawing Ideas For Kids (With Free Printable)

My daughter loves to draw while I read to her before bedtime.

I created this list of drawing ideas for kids for her.

Drawing Ideas For Kids

I also created printables and I made a “My Drawing Ideas” Jar for her, so that she can find some easy inspiration (screen-free!) when she feels motivated to draw.

I was inspired to create this because this is what usually happens at bedime, when I’m trying to read to her and she wants to draw.

Me: *reading aloud to my child*

Her: Mom, what should I draw?

Me: I don’t know.

Her: Can you give me an idea?

Me: How about a sun?

Her: That’s too easy.

Me: How about a spaceship.

Her: That’s too hard.

Me: Honey, I’m trying to read!

This same scenario will repeat, over and over again.

I get it.

It’s hard to come up with something to draw on the fly, especially when you’re a 7 year old.

This is where the inspiration for this post came in.

I know for me, I can draw if I see the object in front of me.

I don’t need a step-by-step tutorial, I just need a vision.

And kids sometimes need that, too.

They also need ideas.

So I created over 100 drawing ideas for kids, with printable cards.

My daughter’s jar, filled with cards of simple (and sometimes a little more complex) things to draw, gets a ton of use in our house.

The ideas in the jar help her to get started, and many times will cause her to expand on that idea and make it her own.

It gives her a starting point, which is so helpful.

And I don’t have to give her ideas every 3 minutes.

It’s a win, win.

It’s definitely one of her go-to indoor activities.

Is Drawing Good For Kids?

Drawing is a great skill for all kids to work on.

Are all of our children going to grow up to be world-famous artists?

Of course not.

But that doesn’t mean that they can’t work on their drawing skills.

Here are some of the benefits of drawing for children:

  • it fosters creativity
  • it is a stress-reducer
  • it can boost your child’s self-esteem when they can draw successfully
  • it improves memory
  • it improves fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • it aids in spacial awareness
  • helps strengthen concentration skills
  • improves problem solving

And of course the best part is that it gives young kids a fun way to express their self.

Easy Drawing Ideas For Kids

There are various ways that you can use this resource.

  1. Your child can simply use the following drawing prompts in order to create their own creative drawings, perfect as gifts for kids who like to draw..
  2. You can print out the drawing activities and create a jar just like I did for my daughter. Your child can use the jar independently whenever inspired to draw! It’s a great way to encourage creativity.
  3. You can print by free printables and place them into a binder. This way, the different drawing themes will be kept together. This works great for little artists who might want to do a summer drawing project or specific drawings based on your child’s interest.
  4. The final option is for the youngest artists. You can print the drawing sheets and have your toddler or preschooler trace the drawings. This can help a child to gain a lot of confidence in drawing, and is an excellent way to encourage your child to try to branch out on their own. We love this tracing light up pad in our house!
  5. Sorry, one more! I could see these used in a classroom (laminated) as a fast-finisher drawing activity for for indoor recess.

List Of Simple Drawing Ideas For Kids

Here you will find my comprehensive list of easy drawings and creative drawing ideas for kids of all ages!

Most of these drawing ideas include simple shapes, but others will challenge young artists to create amazing artwork with just a simple piece of paper.

At the bottom of this post, you can subscribe if you would like the free printable of all the following drawing ideas.

I kept the printable ideas in black and white so that your child can use their creativity when coloring.

The printable can definitely make drawing fun and less intimidating.

Grab some art supplies and get started creating some cool drawings!

Space Drawing Ideas

Super fun and different ways for your child to make a fun space drawing.

  1. Saturn (don’t forget the ring!)
  2. The Solar System
  3. Earth
  4. The Moon, Stars and Clouds
  5. An Astronaut
  6. A Rocket
  7. A Spaceship
  8. An Alien
  9. Jupiter
  10. Shooting Stars
  11. The Planets Orbiting the Sun
  12. A Rocket Taking Off

Easy Beach Drawing Ideas

Your child could easily draw an entire beach scene with the following six prompts.

  1. Seashells
  2. A Palm Tree
  3. A Beach Umbrella
  4. A Beach Ball
  5. Flip Flops
  6. A Cute Crab
Easy Beach Drawing Ideas

Animal Drawing Ideas For Kids

What kid doesn’t want to draw a fun animal?

It’s probably the topic that kids most often want to draw but also the most intimidating.

Using these prompts will guarantee your child is more successful.

  1. A Panda Bear
  2. A Spotted Dog
  3. A Mouse
  4. A Hedgehog
  5. A Sloth
  6. A Cute Cat
  7. An Octopus
  8. A Dolphin
  9. A Lobster
  10. A Fish
  11. A Seahorse
  12. A Sea Turtle
  13. A Shark
  14. Seaweed
  15. A Narwhal
  16. A Jellyfish
  17. A Whale
  18. A Mermaid
  19. An Elephant
  20. A Giraffe
  21. A Lioness
  22. A Lion
  23. A Camel
  24. A Baby Leopard
  25. A Snake
  26. A Snail
  27. A Spider With A Web
  28. An Owl
  29. A Fawn
  30. A Ladybug
  31. A Dinosaur
  32. A Bunny
  33. A Butterfly
  34. A Flamingo
  35. A Bee
  36. A Penguin
  37. A Horse
  38. A Pig
  39. A Cow
  40. A Goat
  41. A Hen
  42. A Duck
  43. A Lamb
  44. A Barn
  45. A Tractor
  46. An Ear of Corn
  47. A Goose
  48. A Peacock

Easy Transportation Drawings

If you have a transportation-obsessed child, this list is especially for you!

  1. An Airplane
  2. A Car
  3. A Truck

If your child loves trucks, check out these truck rhyming mats!

  1. A Train
  2. A Bulldozer
  3. A Boat
Easy Transportation Drawings

Cute Desserts Drawings

Learning to draw some adorable desserts should be a great start to becoming a better artist.

  1. An Ice Cream Cone
  2. A Donut
  3. A Cupcake
  4. A Cookie with a Bite Taken out of it
  5. A Lollipop
  6. A Birthday Cake
Cute Desserts Drawings

Flower And Outdoor Drawing Ideas

  1. Flowers
  2. A Tree
  3. A Cactus
Flower and Outdoor Drawing Ideas

Easy Food Drawing Ideas

Drawing a favorite food is always a fun time!

  1. A Watermelon
  2. A Lemon
  3. A Pineapple
  4. Blueberries
  5. Cherries
  6. Strawberries
  7. A Slice of Pizza
  8. A Taco
  9. A Hamburger
  10. French Fries
  11. A Chicken Leg
  12. Pancakes with Butter

Valentine Drawing Ideas For Kids

Now that we’re getting into the seasonal options, you could include these on your list or in your jar all year.

You could also add them in as the holiday gets close!

  1. A Ring
  2. A Bar of Chocolate
  3. A Rose
  4. A Teddy Bear
  5. A Bear Holding a Heart Balloon
  6. Two Swans Forming a Heart
Valentine Drawing Ideas For Kids

Saint Patrick’s Day Drawing Ideas

Your child could create a super cute leprechaun trap or card for the leprechaun with these drawings.

  1. A Cloud with a Lightening Bolt
  2. A Leprechaun Hat
  3. A Pot of Gold
  4. A Rainbow with Two Clouds
  5. A Leprechaun
Saint Patrick's Day Drawing Ideas

Easter Drawing Ideas For Kids

Aren’t these Easter ideas adorable?

  1. A Sun
  2. A Chick Hatching out of an Egg
  3. An Easter Egg
  4. An Easter Bunny
  5. A Tulip
  6. An Easter Basket Filled with Fun Easter Eggs
  7. An Easter Bunny Hiding Eggs
Easter Drawing Ideas For Kids

Easy Halloween Things To Draw

I feel like these Halloween ideas are probably not things that your child tries to draw.

But I bet they will love it!

  1. A Bat
  2. A Witch Flying on a Broom
  3. A Cauldron
  4. A Pumpkin
  5. A Scary or Silly Jack-O-Lantern
  6. A Ghost
  7. Sweet Treats
  8. A Vampire
  9. A Mummy

Christmas Drawing Ideas For Kids

Last but not least, we’ve got some fun Christmas drawings, including everything from the stockings to the gingerbread man.

  1. A Snowflake
  2. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
  3. A Snow Globe with a Pretty Scene
  4. Santa Claus
  5. An Elf
  6. A Christmas Stocking
  7. An Ornament
  8. A Christmas Tree
  9. A Present
  10. Holly and Berries
  11. A Gingerbread Man
  12. A Snowman

This how to draw Minecraft printable is super fun too!

If you would like to get the printables shown above for your child to use (not as step-by-step instructions but as a guide), simply click below.

You will get the free printable PDF immediately.

Printable Drawing Ideas

I truly hope your child has so much fun with these great drawing ideas!

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