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80 Christmas Would You Rather Questions For Kids

Christmas is such a great time to get together with friends and family and simply enjoy time together.  Sometimes there can be a lull or you notice your kids suddenly becoming bored.

While I know you all probably have go to games and ways to help redirect your children, it is always helpful to have another different idea waiting in the wings.

Playing the would you rather game encourages laughter, creative thinking and helps you learn more about those around you in a relaxed way.

So let us dive into the variations of how to play the game and then some suggestions for fun questions! 

Would You Rather Game Variations

There are a few different ways to play the would you rather game. I love using them as activities for a snow day!  Below are a few suggestions.

1.Everyone who is playing gets a little whiteboard or chalkboard to write their answers on and then reveal their answers at the same time.

2.Pull numbers out of a hat and answer the question on the list below that corresponds.

3.Have everyone who is playing partner up and then they each guess what their partner would give as an answer to each question.

4.Everyone answers the same question and then you talk about your answers and why you answered them the way you did.

Christmas Would You Rather Questions For Kids


1.Would you rather wear an ugly Christmas sweater or an elf costume?

2.Would you rather dress up your pet in a Santa suit or elf ears?

3.Would you rather ride in Santa’s sleigh or in a limo?

4.Would you rather drink hot chocolate or cold chocolate milk?

5.Would you rather meet Santa’s elves or the abominable snowman?

6.Would you rather ride a horse or ride one of Santa’s reindeer?

7.Would you rather be a regular reindeer or a red-nosed reindeer?

8.Would you rather sing Christmas carols or regular songs?

9.Would you rather get one big present or several small presents?

10.Would you rather ride the polar express or the Hogwarts Express?

11.Would you rather eat candy canes or a gingerbread house?

12.Would you rather open your Christmas presents on Christmas eve or Christmas morning?

13.Would you rather bake Christmas cookies or cook Christmas dinner?

14.Would you rather live at the north pole or on a beach?

15.Would you rather be a polar bear or a penguin?

16.Would you rather wear Santa’s red suit or a red nose for an entire day?

17.Would you rather spend a future winter holiday at Disney world or at Legoland?

18.Would you rather have pointy ears or a tail for an entire month?

19.Would you rather make snow angels or have a snowball fight with your family members?

20.Would you rather sing Christmas songs or dance at a Christmas party?


21.Would you rather have a fake Christmas tree or a real Christmas tree?

22.Would you rather meet Jack Frost or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

23. Would you rather eat cranberry sauce or green beans?

24. Would you rather visit Santa’s shop or the reindeer stables?

25.Would you rather make a handmade Christmas card or buy one at the store?

26.Would you rather play party games or watch Christmas movies?

27. Would you rather go see Christmas lights or a Christmas play?

28. Would you rather visit with Santa Claus or the elves?

29. Would you rather go on a sleigh ride or ride a horse?

30. Would you rather eat a big holiday meal or get takeout?

31. Would you rather go on a road trip for the Christmas holidays or stay in your hometown?

32.Would you rather have snow on Christmas day or for the weather to be warm?

33.Would you rather make all of your presents or buy them at the store?

34.Would you rather have handmade ornaments or store-bought ornaments?

35.Would you rather play in the snow on Christmas eve or play games inside?

36.Would you rather help the elves build toys or help Santa deliver presents?

37.Would you rather be a part of a live nativity or help set up a nativity set?

38.Would you rather live in a snow globe or in a decorative Christmas village?

39.Would you rather go to a Christmas market or to a Christmas play?

40.Would you rather have a Christmas tree with real candles or with electric lights?

41.Would you rather be an elf that works at the North Pole or an Elf on the Shelf?

42.Would you rather hang your stockings from the fireplace or from your bed?

43.Would you rather make a gingerbread house out of food or out of other materials?

44.Would you rather make snowflakes out of paper or out of aluminum foil?

45.Would you rather receive a new gift or a hand me down gift?

46.Would you rather complete a page of regular math problems or complete a page of Christmas-themed math problems?

47.Would you rather color a picture of a Christmas tree or a picture of Santa’s workshop?

48.Would you rather be able to fly like a reindeer or be able to go down a chimney like Santa?

49.Would you rather sing Christmas carols or regular songs for a whole day?

50.Would you rather build a snowperson or an igloo?

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51.Would you rather the weather be sunny or snowy on Christmas day?

51.Would you rather ice skate or go sledding?

52.Would you rather get one gift that is the best gift ever or get lots of presents that are ok?

53.Would you rather make your own Christmas cards or pick them out at the store?

54.Would you rather open Christmas gifts on Christmas eve or Christmas morning?

55.Would you rather take part in an ugly Christmas sweater contest or a cookie baking contest?

56. Would you rather ski or snowboard?

57.Would you rather watch an old Christmas movie or a new Christmas movie?

58.Would you rather sing jingle bells or the twelve days of Christmas song?

59.Would you rather decorate the inside or outside of your house for Christmas?

60.Would you rather sled in a little sleigh or in a tire?


61.Would you rather have a snowball fight or build a snow fort?

62.Would you rather decorate cookies or a gingerbread house?

63.Would you rather have a white elephant gift exchange or know who you are getting a gift for?

64.Would you rather collect Santa figurines or elf figurines?

65.Would you rather bake a cake or a pie for the Christmas holiday?

66.Would you rather decorate the dinner table with all red or all green for Christmas dinner?

67.Would you rather attend several holiday parties or have your own holiday party for your friends?

68.Would you rather draw pictures in the snow or make a snow angle in the snow?

69.Would you rather volunteer at a shelter for pets or at a home for the elderly?

70.Would you rather place a star or an angel on the top of your Christmas tree?

71.Would you rather have colorful lights or white lights on your Christmas tree?

72. Would you rather have a green Christmas tree or a pink Christmas tree?

73.Would you rather get dressed up for Christmas or be in your pajamas?

74.Would you rather watch a Christmas parade or be part of it?

75.Would you rather have all of your presents bought and wrapped early or wait until the last minute?

76.Would you rather have an advent calendar with toys or chocolate inside?

77. Would you rather wear a Santa hat or elf shoes?

78.Would you rather make round cookies or use Christmas themed cookie cutters?

79.Would you rather use tinsel or garlands on your Christmas tree?

80.Would you rather have your Christmas tree in your house or decorate a Christmas tree in your backyard?

Whether you use these questions during a family gathering or when you are Christmas shopping with antsy kids, I hope they provide some fun and laughter to your day!  You never know what new things you will learn about those around you!

And, as always, you’ve got this!

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