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90 “Cool” Winter Would You Rather Questions For Kids

Winter can be a lovely and very long season for us all.  There are a lot of possible activities to keep everyone busy when those winter doldrums try to sneak up on us.

A great way to spend time together is a fun game called the would you rather game!  The best part is that you do not really need anything in order to start- just you and your best friend or a family member.

It is one of those great family dinner conversation starters that can really teach you a lot about those around you.  So, whether you are decorating the Christmas tree or in dire need of a brain break, this game is for you!

So please sit back, relax and enjoy this winter edition of the would you rather game.

Would You Rather Game Variations

There are a few different ways to play the would you rather game.  Below are a few suggestions for this simple game.

1.Everyone who is playing gets a little whiteboard or chalkboard to write their answers on and then reveal their answers at the same time.

2.Pull numbers out of a hat and answer the question on the list below that corresponds.

3.Have everyone who is playing partner up and then they each guess what their partner would give as an answer to each question.

4.Everyone answers the same question and then you talk about your answers and why you answered them the way you did.

Winter Would You Rather Questions


1.Would you rather watch the winter Olympics or the summer Olympics?

2.Would you rather drink hot chocolate or cold chocolate milk?

3.Would you rather eat candy canes or a gingerbread house?

4.Would you rather be a polar bear or a penguin?

5.Would you rather go on a sleigh ride or ride a horse?

6.Would you rather go on a road trip for the Christmas holidays or stay in your hometown?

7.Would you rather make snowflakes out of paper or out of aluminum foil?

8.Would you rather build a snowperson or an igloo?

9.Would you rather live at the north pole or on a beach?

10.Would you rather ice skate on a frozen lake or in an ice-skating rink on a cold winter day?

11.Would you rather have a pet penguin or a pet seal?

12.Would you rather visit New York or San Francisco for your winter vacation?

13.Would you rather go on summer vacation or Christmas break?

14.Would you rather look at Christmas lights with a small group or go to an amusement park during winter break?

15.Would you rather have hot cocoa or hot tea?

16.Would you rather have the winter season or the spring season for the rest of your life?

17.Would you rather visit the south pole or the north pole?

18.Would you rather be warm or cold?

19.Would you rather wear a hat or earmuffs?

20.Would you rather celebrate the new year on New Year’s Eve or on New Year’s Day?

21.Would you rather have a lot of snow or a lot of sun during winter?

22.Would you rather experience winter in a different country or in the country where you live?

23.Would you rather watch the winter Olympics or football?

24.Would you rather experience the shortest day or the longest day?

25.Would you rather have winter or summer for the rest of your life?

26.Would you rather wear scarves or warm slippers?

27.Would you rather be an animal that hibernates in winter or one that stays awake?

28.Would you rather stay where you are or migrate to a warmer climate during winter like some animals do?

29.Would you rather have hot cocoa or tea?

30.Would you rather decorate the inside or the outside of your house for the holiday season?

31.Would you rather spend Christmas day with your close friends or your favorite celebrity?

32. Would you rather watch a movie that takes place during winter or summer?

33.Would you rather climb an ice-covered mountain or a regular mountain?

34.Would you rather go fishing during the summer or ice-fishing during the winter?

35.Would you rather ski or snowboard?

36.Would you rather figure skate or play ice hockey?

37.Would you rather make your own holiday ornaments or buy them in a store?

38.Would you rather bake bread or bake a cake during the winter?

39.Would you rather check out holiday decorations or a holiday parade?

40.Would you rather learn how to knit or how to needle felt?

41.Would you rather ride in a sled pulled by reindeer or sled dogs?

42.Would you rather look for winter birds or look for animal tracks in the snow?

Click for more animal would you rather!

45.Would you rather make s’mores or bake sugar cookies?

46.Would you rather watch holiday movies or tv shows?

47.Would you rather have an indoor picnic during winter or an outdoor picnic during summer?

48.Would you rather make candy or bake cookies?

49.Would you rather build a bird feeder or paint designs on rocks?

50.Would you rather play pin the smile on the snowperson or have a snowball throwing contest?

Check out our list of Christmas would you rather questions!

Snow Day Questions

Asking these questions is such a great snow day activity!

1.Would you rather wear gloves or mittens?

2.Would you rather ski or snowboard?

3.Would you rather make snow angels or draw in the snow?

4.Would you rather build or snow fort or have a snowball fight?

5.Would you rather cross-country ski or snowshoe?

6.Would you rather go ice skating or sledding?

7.Would you rather go sledding in a little sleigh or on a tire?

8.Would you rather play inside or outside on a snow day?

9.Would you rather read a book or play a game?

10.Would you rather watch movies or play video games?

11. Would you rather decorate cookies or a gingerbread house?

12.Would you rather have wet socks or long hair that is wet on a snowy day?

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13.Would you rather jump into a snowy pile of leaves or a big pile of snow?

14.Would you rather sled down a small hill or a big hill?

15.Would you rather play a board game or make an obstacle course on a snow day?

16.Would you rather walk through snow being the size of an ant or the size of a dinosaur?

17.Would you rather eat ice cream or hot dogs on a snow day?

18.Would you rather have a free snow day or have to do distance learning on a snow day?

19.Would you rather sleep in or get up early on a snow day?

20.Would you rather have some cereal or a big breakfast on a snow day?

21.Would you rather live somewhere where it snows a lot or a little bit?

22.Would you rather take a walk in the snow or watch it from inside your house?

23.Would you rather get warm next to a fireplace or turn on the heater?

24.Would you rather wear cozy socks or cozy slippers?

25.Would you rather drive through a blizzard or on icy roads?

26.Would you rather travel by sled or by snowmobile?

27.Would you rather have a snowball fight or make snow angels?

28.Would you rather enter a snow sculpting contest or a sand sculping contest?

29.Would you rather build a snowperson or a snow fort?

30.Would you rather get dressed in regular clothes or wear your pajamas all day on a snow day? 

31.Would you rather go sledding or snow tubing down a hill?

32.Would you rather draw or paint on a snow day?

33.Would you rather work on a crossword puzzle or a jigsaw puzzle?

34.Would you rather build a snow fort or a pillow fort?

35.Would you rather watch ice dancing or hockey?

36.Would you rather sing karaoke or create a puppet show?

37.Would you rather build a cardboard fort or a snow fort?

38.Would you rather learn how to play chess or checkers?

39.Would you rather create a scavenger hunt or put on a fashion show?

40.Would you rather bake something you have baked before or try a new recipe?

Winter is the perfect time to introduce these themed questions to get everyone excited about the season!  These winter questions can also be used as a fun ice breaker activity for the classroom community or during a long road trip.

However you choose to use these questions, I hope they bring you laughter, joy and a new perspective on those around you!  And as always, you’ve got this!

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