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90 Silly Drawing Prompts + Drawing Prompt Generator

Do you have young artists at home that loves creative activities?  Then these creative drawing ideas are for you!  

Drawing is such a great way to continue to expand your child’s fine motor skills, as well as help grow their creative mind.  

These silly drawing prompts are a fun way to get their creative juices flowing and give them a great starting point and source of inspiration to draw some fun and silly things!

The best part of this fun activity is that it is great for kids of all ages and all you need is a blank piece of paper and something to draw with.

This would be a really fun activity to do with your child or the whole family and see all the different ways the same drawing prompt ends up looking. So grab your white paper and markers and get drawing!

You can also find a printable and a silly drawing prompt generator at the bottom of this post!

Drawing Prompts For Kids

Little girl drawing a picture of people

These silly drawing prompts are super easy to use and are so fun to choose from.  The printable drawing prompt will come with two different lists.  

Your child will pick one item from each list and draw them together.  For example, your young artists might choose to draw a “zebra with rainbow stripes” from the first list and “riding a bike with five wheels” from the second list.  

The best part is that there are so many possible combinations of drawings that this drawing prompt list can be used again and again! 

Here are some fun ideas on how to use these lists: 

1. Have each person pick a different combination to draw and compare after. 

2. Have your child choose one thing from the list and you choose the other.

3. Have everyone draw the same thing and see the different ways the drawing came out.

4. For young children, have them help pick out the things to draw and have them help color in the objects. 

5. On a school break? Turn this these into daily drawing prompts and make this a creative challenge for your young artist.

6. Try different materials- add googly eyes, glitter, use a combination of markers, crayons, paint etc. Let your child choose!

7. Last and my personal favorite, create a homemade drawing book where your child keeps all their drawings. I made a little homemade book for my son by taking white paper and stapling one side and he thought it was so cool to have a book that he made!  He filled it with his drawings and we even used the pictures to make up stories at bedtime.  The possibilities are endless and so much fun! 

Get ready for some silly fun, all you need is some white paper and drawing materials and a little creativity!

List one:

  1. Draw a pizza

2. Draw a banana

3. Draw a baby

4. Draw a donut

5. Draw a cat

6. Draw a scary monster

7. Draw a tiger

8. Draw your favorite animal

9. Draw a bunny

10. Draw a star

11. Draw a birthday cake

12. Draw your favorite food

13. Draw a robot

14. Draw a unicorn

15. Draw a three eyed monster

16. Draw an octopus

17. Drawn a snake

18. Draw a boat

19. Drawn an elephant

20. Drawn a spider

21. Drawn a crab

22. Draw a mouse

23. Draw an alligator

24. Draw a giant tree

25. Draw an owl

26. Draw a fish

27. Draw a bird

28. Draw a house

29. Draw a polka-dotted pig

30. Draw a bee

31. Draw a monkey

32. Draw a worm with a face

33. Draw a flower

34. Draw an alien 

35. Draw a ghost

36. Draw yourself

37. Draw a pirate with an eye patch

38. Draw a zebra with rainbow stripes

39. Draw a sun

40. Draw a sheep

41. Draw a dolphin 

42. Draw a guitar 

43. Draw a narwhal 

44. Draw a fire breathing dragon

45. Draw an ice cream cone with three scoops

46. Draw a shark

47. Draw a chocolate chip cookie

48. Draw a mouse with a hat 

49. Draw an apple with eyes

50. Draw a butterfly with striped wings

51. Draw an apple with a face

52. Draw a lion

53. Draw an ant 

54. Draw a rainbow

55. Draw a frog56. Draw an ogre

56. Draw a skeleton

57. Draw a gingerbread man

58. Draw a astronaut

59. Draw a farmer 

60. Draw a black bear

61. Draw a piece of watermelon with a face

62. Draw a caterpillar

63. Draw a swamp monster

64. Draw a Jedi 

65. Draw a ballerina

66. Draw a knight

67. Draw a sea turtle

68. Draw a lego mini fig

69. Draw a soccer player

70. Draw a birthday gift

71. Draw a bat

72. Draw a fairy

73. Draw a rabbit

74. Draw a gray whale

75. Draw a black horse

76. Draw a train

77. Draw a giraffe

78. Draw a rainbow chameleon

79. Draw a jelly fish

80. Draw a dinosaur

81. Draw a starfish

82. Draw a yellow duck

83. Draw a snail with a colorful shell

84. Draw a ladybug

85. Draw a bug with six legs

86. Draw a polar bear

87. Draw a goldfish

88. Draw a monster truck

89. Draw a cricket

90. Draw a teddy bear

List two: 

  1. wearing a mask

2. sunbathing at the beach

3. skateboarding through space

4. wearing a tutu

5. riding a rainbow slide

6. with a huge mustache

7. floating in a sea of lemonade

8. slipping on a banana peel

9. afraid of a spider

10. playing video games

11. swinging on a swing

12. swimming in the ocean 

13. painting a self portrait 

14. eating a banana

15. with a birthday hat 

16. surfing on a surf board

17. jumping over the moon

18. dancing under a disco ball 

19. running underwater 

20. sleeping on a cake 

21. on an island

22. on a huge boat

23. in a treehouse

24. in a fairy garden 

25. in a field of flowers 

26. on a small sail boat

27. on a fluffy cloud

28. on another planet 

29. in a tiny car

30. on a tractor

31. jumping off a diving board 

32. under a tiny umbrella

33. in a dark cave

34. inside an igloo 

35. reading a book about spiders

36. jumping on a trampoline

37. laying in a taco

38. balancing on top of an elephants head 

39. riding a bike with five wheels

40. skiing down a ice cream sundae

41. at the movies eating popcorn 

42. eating a hot pie 

43. wrapped in a burrito

44. playing tennis 

45. going down a bubble waterslide 

46. dancing to the best music

47. ice skating with a penguin

48. drinking a blue milkshake 

49. flying in a hot air balloon

50. swinging with a panda

51. flying a kite

52. baking cookies

53. holding on to a big bunch of balloons 

54. swimming in slime

55. bowling with a bear

56. dancing with a zombie

57. playing soccer

58. eating a giant slice of pizza

59. floating in space

60. flying through a rainbow garden

61. running a race

62. flying a helicopter

63. holding a lightsaber

64. planting a flower 

65. riding a horse

66. riding a long train

67. shooting through space in a rocket ship

68. scoring the winning goal

69. looking out a tall castle window

70. sitting by a camp fire

71. hanging upside down on a tree

72. standing at the top of a pyramid

73. drinking a cup of hot chocolate

74. wearing a striped outfit

75. riding a cheetah

76. dancing with a gummy bear

77. climbing a bean stalk

78. dancing with a clown

79. reading a book in a bookstore

80. riding a school bus

81. wearing giant sunglasses

82. walking through the zoo

83. blowing bubbles

84. sitting on the moon

85. building a sandcastle

86. playing tennis

87. building a snowman

88. hanging out in a hammock

89. singing on a surfboard

90. doing a cartwheel

Drawing Prompt Generator

Does this fun activity sound like something your kid would love but you don’t have a printer available?  No worries, we have the perfect solution for you, a drawing prompt generator! This is the perfect solution for anyone who doesn’t have access to a printer, needs a quick activity or if your life me, is constantly out of ink!  In one click you will have two different ideas to combine and draw. If you get one your child doesn’t like, no problem, just click the button and a new one will be created for you! 

Item Generator

Drawing Prompt Generator

Drawing Prompt Printable


Are you ready for some silly drawing fun?  This fun activity is a great way to get your kid drawing, having fun and might even be some fun for you!  To download this free printable, subscribe in the box below by entering your email and your pdf will download instantly! The best part of subscribing is that you will also receive an email once a week with more great activities like this one!

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