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Free Editable Leprechaun Letter For Kids On St. Patrick’s Day

A few years ago, my son came home from school a few days before St. Patrick’s Day and told me his grand plans of catching a leprechaun.  I had never heard of “catching a leprechaun” and the idea of making a trap stressed me out.  Lucky for me, stores apparently knew this was a thing and we were able to find a last minute trap kit (this is a great way to easily make a trap!)  

My mama brain was freaking out at the realization I was now going to have to also add catching a leprechaun to my yearly rotation. I remember frantically scouring Pinterest trying to figure out what my parental obligations were with this and trying to quickly find an instant download that would take care of it all.  

I needed answers.  


Do I leave gold coins for my son? Or is it the leprechaun that takes all the gold coins? Is leaving candy from the leprehaun a requirement?  I quickly found out that there isn’t completely a norm on what you can do, but some trace of leprechaun should remain.  

As I frantically created a plan the night before looking for printable templates, I stumbled upon this printable leprechaun letter and it truly saved the day!  It was a great way to cheer on my son and his trap and was already ready to print. 

My son was so excited he was left a letter and immediately hung it up in his room where it stayed until July.  Pure magic.  Then the next St. Patrick’s Day came and I realized that I couldn’t give him the same letter again.  

I needed a letter that was different and preferably one I could edit.  Boom- this free leprechaun letter template!   If you are in year two, three or even your first year trying to trap that tricky leprechaun, you NEED this template! 

Editable Leprechaun Letter

This digital template is such great way to celebrate your child’s hard work while also leaving them a little treasure from the Leprechaun.  The editable leprechaun letter comes with it all: a pot of gold, an adorable leprechaun and rainbows galore.  

Your kids will love it!  The best part is that it is editable so that you can make it perfect for your kids!  


Here is what the letter says when you first open it: 


Wow! I never say this but… you almost got me.  Really. You were so close. But I, of course, managed to escape.  That glue that you disguised as a pond? Brilliant! The false floor that would have surely captured me if I didn’t notice it right at the last minute? Incredible! The innocent-looking slide that would have led to my doom? Well, ahem, I mean, it wasn’t THAT good. I am uncatchable, after all. Okay okay. It was good. REALLY good.  But I, Paddy the Leprechaun, have survived another day.  You’ll have to wait until next year for another chance to trap me! (And I might just have to do some training before tackling your next trap. Not gonna lie.) -Paddy

I love how encouraging it is and how it lets kids think they were SO close to actually catching him! 

Ideas For Editing

Building our leprechaun trap has become a yearly St. Patrick’s Day tradition and has become such a fun activity for our family! The amount of planning and giggling that goes into building it is really where all the joy lies.  

The best part is that every year the traps have become more and more complex and the planning starts earlier and earlier.  This past year, my son was scheming in February what out trap would look like!  

His designs always include free gold coins (with a sign that says free gold) or a pot of gold, rainbows (sooo many rainbows) and lately he has liked the idea of a slide or stairs.  

Needless to say, we spend quite a bit of time making our trap (that’s great for fine motor skills right?) and I love that this editable leprechaun letter lets me mention all of the coolest parts of my sons traps and his custom designs that he worked so hard on.  It makes it such a personalized letter and such a great way to praise all of my son’s hard work.  

There are so many ways to edit this digital download and make it your own!  You could really focus on all the unique parts of your child’s trap and include them in your letter. I’m thinking a trail of lucky charms or a pot of gold with a net over it and of course a lot of golden coins. 

I think a personalized letter can really focus on the little things your kid did to their trap and make your child feel so special!  Another fun way to edit this printable letter is to throw in some special touches about your child’s room or possessions.  

I love the idea of saying something about almost falling on all the toys that were left out or tripping over the mountain of shoes by the garage (anyone else with me on this?)  My son would think it was funny if the leprechaun said something that I am saying constantly.

Other fun ways to make your letter a little more special: 

  • put glitter paint over it and make it sparkle
  • leave it inside the trap, right where the leprechaun was supposed to be! 
  • leave a trail showing where the leprechaun has been.  You could use gold coins, lucky charms or even green glitter (if you are a brave mama!)
  • leave little green prints on the letter. This is one of my favorites because it makes me laugh and I bet your kids will lose their mind over little leprechaun prints!

Downloading Your Letter

This free St. Patrick’s day printable leprechaun letter will be such a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year and it requires hardly any prep!  

To download your printable letter, scroll to the bottom of the post and subscribe in the box below with your email address. 

Your pdf digital file will open instantly and you will be ready to go for St. Patrick’s Day.  For best printing, I would use card stock or something a little sturdier than printer paper.  I hope you enjoy this custom editable template as much as I have!  

The funny part about the leprechaun trap is how much fun it is to set up the house to look like a leprechaun has actually been there.  I love the fun little things we get to do as parents like leaving a trail of gold coins through the house or emptying out the pot of gold to make it look like a leprechaun had in fact stolen all the gold or my absolute favorite- eating all the marshmallows out of the lucky charms because of course leprechauns would do this (also dads).  

Needless to say, I find a lot of joy in all things leprechaun and I love that this holiday is for kids of all ages, from young children to even children in middle school or high school (articulate skills anyone?)  I would love to hear all about your child’s trap in the comments below! 

I hope you all have a wonderful and gold coin filled St. Patrick’s Day! 

**This printable is for your own personal use only please.


Sunday 17th of March 2024

Thank you for the cute letter!

Brenda Kosciuk

Monday 18th of March 2024

You're welcome!


Sunday 17th of March 2024

Thank you


Saturday 16th of March 2024

This is my first year doing this with my granddaughter

Brenda Kosciuk

Monday 18th of March 2024

Have fun!


Saturday 16th of March 2024


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