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Fun Printable Saint Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt For Kids

March 17th is upon us again, which means it is time for our kids to find a leprechaun’s pot o’ gold!

However, if their amazing and inventive trap did not happen to catch that tricky little leprechaun and yield a small prize, there are other ways to still make this day a big hit! 

A great way to start is with this leprechaun letter which lets your family members know how close they got to their catch and to keep trying.

This gives kids renewed energy to keep looking for those amazing chocolate gold coins at the end of the rainbow!


In addition to that, they will be ready to go when it is time to create a new trap next year, and that is always fun!

Now you can proceed to a scavenger hunt game that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages.

I know my son really enjoys scavenger hunts; not just for the prize at the end, but also for the sleuthing elements!

He really enjoys solving the mystery of where the next clue might be!

We find ourselves enjoying the process of making each hiding place more inventive each time in order to keep him on his toes.

There are so many excellent positive results from this activity, to include, but not limited to the time spent together and exercising his problem solving skills.

In my book, anything that my son enjoys that also helps his development and feels as amazing as any time spent together is great!

So without further ado, let us dive into the logistics of setting up and participating in this fun scavenger hunt!

Saint Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt

How To Use This Free Printable

Using this free printable scavenger hunt is a breeze!  

Simply start by printing out each clue shown below on blank cards, regular paper or white cardstock for a more sturdy feel.

Then you can set up this fun activity by placing the clue cards in each of their corresponding hiding places around your home.

As someone who has created several of these hunts, I would recommend making yourself a checklist page to help you remember where you hid each clue!

There is nothing quite as awkward as not remembering where the next clue is and trying to help your child find it.

While you are thinking of where to hide each clue, you may want to think of your child and how they see and interpret the world around them.

For instance, something that may be very clear to an adult may not be quiet as obvious to a little one.

So, look at the clues and the world from your child’s point of view- figuratively and literally.

I mean, sit or kneel down so that you can see what they would see when they are standing.  

I am fully aware of how silly this must seem, however, it will help you place your clues in a way that makes sense to your kids.

While it might seem like a process, it will make this whole game so much more fun for them, and that is the whole point of doing this in the first place!

You can give the first clue card to your child to start the St. Patrick’s Day treasure hunt.

Allow them to use their special sleuthing skills to solve each clue and only help if they become needlessly frustrated and are no longer having fun.

As a parent, it is always amazing to see how our children grow into their own knowledge.

All of a sudden, they no longer need help with something that they would have needed help with a year ago!

You can also add some fun things like chocolate coins or various green items with each clue.

If you wanted to take it one step further, you could create little clue bags for each stop along the way as well.

A fun way to celebrate your child reaching the end of the hunt is to add a wee bit of a small gift that the whole family can enjoy together.

This game would be amazing for lesson plans for classroom use as well.

There is a lot of room to help teach problem solving and even teamwork in this activity.

In the classroom, kids could form groups to solve each clue and work together to get to the end.

The wonderfully cheerful and funny rhymes shown below will keep them all moving forward and staying excited about what they are doing! 

Scavenger Hunt Clues


Clue 1

It’s not Saint Patrick’s Day without a little treasure, right?

In order to find your first clue, you’ll need a flashlight!

Clue 2

You’ve got the luck for the Irish, because that was a tough one,

look next where you keep all the games you play for fun!

Clue 3

You’re a lucky kid, you’ve found another clue, check this place next,

where you can look at your hairdo!

Clue 4

So what if you didn’t catch the leprechaun, you can still catch a nice treat,

get closer to your treasure, when you look for something sweet!

Clue 5

A pot of gold would be a great find, check this place where you go to unwind!

Clue 6

Do a jig!  You’re almost there! Why don’t you find something green to wear?

Clue 7

While looking for the last clue, maybe you’ll find the leprechaun, too!

But beware, it might be a little stinky, in this place where you go poo!

Clue 8

You’ve found the treasure, it’s your lucky day!

And don’t forget to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day!

Accessing Your Free PDF

The great thing about this scavenger hunt is that it is a free resource that does not require any type of subscription.

Simply access the link at the bottom of the post, and you will be ready to go!

There are so many fun ideas that can be incorporated to personalize this experience for your child.

The sky is the limit to how over the top or low key you would like to make this experience for your kids.

Remember that the most important part is that they are doing this activity with you!

Click here for your free printable!

With a little bit of effort, your kids are sure to have a great time enjoying this fun holiday.

Remember to have so much fun spending time with your children and, as always, you’ve got this!

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