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Free Printable Stress Ball Valentines

The aisles of most stores are starting to fill up with all things Valentines and the excitement around Valentine’s Day parties is starting in our house!  

The hardest part is picking the perfect valentine and I remember as a kid taking forever to choose my Valentine’s Day cards and trying to figure out which one would be perfect for my friends. 

It brought me pure joy to watch my son go back and forth on what Valentines he wanted to give to his friends last year. I thought it was so sweet watching him spend so much time thinking about his friends and what they would love. 

Valentine card says "I hope your Valentine's Day is a ball" with a stress ball attached

The biggest decision came down to what valentine’s gifts he would give because nowadays it’s so much more than just giving candy with a card.  Kids are all about Valentine’s Day gifts and I have to admit they can be pretty cute.  

There are so many cute printable Valentine cards, each one is so much fun and as a kid I can see how hard it would be to decide. If your child is having a hard time picking the perfect Valentines for their Valentine’s Day parties, these adorable stress ball Valentines are the perfect way for them to celebrate! 

Stress Ball Valentines

These adorable Valentines cards come in six different colors and have the cutest saying “I hope your Valentine’s Day is a ball”.  The little ball graphics are so cute and each card has a spot for your child to write their name.  

Cards in 6 different colors: pink, green, blue, purple, orange and yellow

What I love about these gifts is that they are great for boys and girls, it’s not just another toy that will be thrown away and it’s not candy (because if your like me, you still have Halloween candy stashed somewhere).  I also love that these are original and still have some of that handmade craft feel. 

There is still something special (and fun) about printing off your own Valentines and assembling each one yourself.  

My son loves anything that is a craft and these are the perfect way for us to spend some time together crafting while also making little Valentine’s Day gifts for his friends. 

How To Assemble

These cool stress ball Valentine’s Day cards are so easy to assemble and take minimal prep.  All you need to do is print the free template (make sure to use card stock), cut the valentines day cards apart and attach a cute stress ball (these are the ones I used).  

I love anything that gets delivered to my house and these from Amazon are easy and adorable mini balls! The best part about these is that they double as fidget toys and are so much fun to play with and squeeze.  

They also come in a variety of colors, giving your child the option to choose the perfect color for each friend.  I’m sure we all remember reading through each Valentine’s Day card to find the perfect one for each person in our class. 

If you’re looking for another great alternative, you can check out the party favor section of stores like Target or Walmart and you might be able to find a stress ball or mini ball in bulk. 

Accessing Your Free Printable

These cute stress ball Valentine’s Day cards are the perfect way for your child to celebrate Valentine’s Day and the little mini balls will be a fan favorite! To download this adorable printable, all you need to do is click the link below and they will open instantly!  

Looking for more awesome valentines day gifts and cards?  Check out these squishy valentines or these pop-it valentines!  Is your child into the smiling emoji? Then these emoji valentines day cards will be the perfect fit! 

Click the link to get your Stress Ball Valentine PDF.