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Printable Letter C Scavenger Hunt For Preschoolers

Are you and your child embarking on the adventure of learning letter names and letter sounds? If so, printable scavenger hunts are such a fun way to practice letters, get their little bodies moving and gives you a fun interactive game to do together!

This alphabet scavenger hunt focuses on the letter C and has your little one finding things like a coat or car.  Fun games make learning exciting and this game will be one of your little one’s favorites!

Free Printable Letter C Scavenger Hunt


This printable alphabet scavenger hunt focuses on the letter C.  The scavenger hunt will have your little one looking for 12 different items that start with the letter C and that can be found inside and outside your house.  

This adorable printable has a little picture for each item with the name of the item listed underneath.  This activity is so much fun and such a great way to practice letters!  

My son loves doing letter scavenger hunts and loves having a picture for a reference.

Whenever we do these, he says that the printable is his “letter map” and he loves pointing to the picture and then running around the house or outside finding the matching activity.  It’s a great way to spend time together while also learning letters! 

How To Use This Letter Learning Activity

There are so many fun scavenger hunt ideas!  I love trying out different things when we do these printable scavenger hunts and I have found some different ways to do them that are so much fun and make them more of an interactive game. Here are some fun ideas to get you started:

  • Use this scavenger hunt as a way for your child to practice their letter sounds.  Phonemic awareness is such an important first skill in reading and this is a great activity to get your little one thinking about sounds (Phonemic awareness is being able to identify and manipulate sounds). A great way to practice this is by having them say the sound the items start with.  An example of this: When your child finds a car, tell them car starts with a “C”. Can you say the “C” sound?  After they say it you could ask them again, what sound does car start with?  You could do this with all of the items on the printable and even extend it by finding other items around your house that start with a “C” sound.  
  • The biggest part of learning with your child is pushing into where they are.  For kids that are just starting to identify letters or are in the very beginning stages, you might help them by giving them clues for each item. For example: “Coat starts with “C”  where could we find your coat?”  After they find the coat, you could ask them “what does coat start with?” This gives them the support they need and is a great beginning to their journey with literacy.  For kids that have been learning letters and sounds, you might let them take the lead and just follow where they go, supporting when needed.
  • Add coloring to this scavenger hunt! One of my son’s favorite things to do with printable scavenger hunts is to color them as he finds each object.  We put this alphabet scavenger hunt on a clipboard and my son picks a marker and after we find each item, he colors that item in. At the end, all of the items of the scavenger hunt are colored in. Now that my son is pretty comfortable with letter sounds and phonemic awareness, I like to challenge him to pick a color that starts with the letter of the alphabet we are focusing on. So for C he might pick a coral marker or crayon.  
  • Make this into a letter of the alphabet study with our letter C crafts and activities.

This alphabet scavenger hunt requires no prep work and only needs to be printed.  You could print on card stock so that it’s a little more durable for those little hands, or use printer paper and a clipboard- either way printing is all that’s required!

Accessing Your Free Printable

To access this free printable all you need to do is click below for an instant download, no subscription required! looking for more scavenger hunt ideas? Check out our letter A scavenger hunt or letter B scavenger hunt for more letter fun!    

Letter C Scavenger Hunt PDF