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Snow Obstacle Course- Winter Fun That Will Totally Tire Your Kids Out

Inside: It’s yet another snow day, and you have no ideas what to do with your kids because cabin fever is real? How does a snow obstacle course for kids sound? This is winter fun at its best because its quick to set up, fun for the whole family and it will tire your kids out fast. Check out these awesome snow day activities!

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As I type this, it is the beginning of March. I debated even posting this snow obstacle course idea. I thought maybe I would save it for next year.

But then I realized. I was just perusing Pinterest this morning because cabin fever is REAL.

And we just had snow day number ELEVEN.

With more potential snow on the way this week.

I thought maybe you, mama who loves her kids but just wants them to calm the heck down, might need some fresh snow day activity ideas.

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My kids loved it, and I hope yours will too. My 2 year old went through the course and promptly exclaimed “Me do it again!”.

Snow Obstacle Course


– 2 sleds
– wood plank wide enough to walk across
– hula hoop
– cones
– a Tupperware container
– a spray bottle filled with colored water
– a pool noodle


#1- Sleigh ride down the hill

#2- Make a snow angel

Hop off of the sled, drop down and make a snow angel.

snow obstacle course

#3- Walk over the balance beam

#4- Throw a snowball through the hula hoop

Make sure you have a few snowballs ready to go!

outdoor winter obstacle course

#5- Crawl through the hula hoop

#6- Maneuver around the cones

Or jump over them (or walk next to them like my two year old did).

#7- Pack snow into a container and create a snow castle

I used a simple square Tupperware container.

snow day activities for kids

#8- Spray the snow castle with colored water

#9- Crawl

You can create a finish line for the crawling portion using your colored water bottle.

#10- Jump over a pool noodle hurdle

Or two or three. Remember I told you this would tire your kids out. Or again, your kids could be like my 2 year old who did a belly flop over it.

#11- Roll a snowball a few feet

Pre-roll a snowball and then have your child continue to roll it. Just think of how tired your kids will be later.

#12- Slide over the snowball

Literally have your kids slide on their bellies over the snowball.

snow day outdoor activities

#13- Drag sled over the finish line

Have your kids lie on their belly, and drag themselves over the finish line using their arms. Push them along if they’re too tired out by this point.

It’s too easy to just hunker in and not enjoy the outdoors, but don’t do it! Get outside and make some winter family memories with more winter family activities.

PS- Get into the fun with your kids, mama!

snow obstacle course- winter fun

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Friday 26th of November 2021

Great ideas!! We live further up north where the snow is dry, so we usually can’t pack it or make snowmen. Will brainstorm for snowy ideas with the snow that we do have. Thanks for sharing your ideas!!


Friday 3rd of December 2021

I hope my little post inspired you in some way!

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Saturday 6th of February 2021

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Martha Hiebert

Wednesday 25th of March 2020

I know that your entry is several years old. I found it now and since the grandkids are not in school because of Covid 19, I have been looking for different activities to email to them to help their parents make their days as enjoyable as possible. I modified your amazing obstacle course to show you what I sent our daughter in Grande Prairie, Alberta, where they just had a dumping of fresh snow. Winter Obstacle Course First you need to prepare your course. This can be done together with the child or children earlier. 1. Get out the plank and place it on the snow, at your starting line. 2. Stick a hula hoop ( or two or three spaced about a meter apart) into the snow so it stands upright and a child can crawl through. 3. Put a ball down near the hula hoops. 4. Create cones or humps in the snow by packing the snow and spray paint them. (Mix water with children’s paint or food colouring and put into spray bottle) 5. Stick several pool noodles into the snow to create hurdles. 6. Place your sled at the end of this all. Playing the obstacle course: 1. When you get out the door, walk along the edge of the bottom step of the deck or cement pad. If you have to step off to keep balance, go back to the beginning and start again. Or get a plank out onto the snow to serve as a balance beam. 2. Take two or 3 steps away and make a snow angel if the snow isn’t too bumpy and hard. 3. Throw a ball through a hula hoop which your mom has stuck in the snow. 4. Run zigzag around the cones or cans or painted snow bumps you prepared earlier. 5. Crawl through the hula hoop. 6. Maneuver around the cones. (crawl, run or hop or all of them going back) 7. Jump over the pool noodles stuck in the snow. 8. Run to your play structure if you have one, climb up and slide down. 9. Hop to your sled, parked at the end of the yard. 10. Lie on your belly on the sled, and drag yourself back to the starting line using your arms. That’s now the finish line.


Friday 12th of June 2020

Thank you so much for sharing, Martha. This is amazing!