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Printable Tooth Fairy Certificate (For Boy Or Girl)

Oh my goodness, it is a special day and I’ve got the perfect tooth fairy certificate for you!

Did your child lose their first tooth?

I know that in my household, loosing a tooth is a BIG DEAL.

It’s huge.

Both of my children will wiggle their teeth relentlessly.

They will do anything to get that tooth out.

It’s a huge deal at school, too.

It’s just about the best thing that can happen to a young child.

Am I right?

Once I saw a meme that summed it up so perfectly:

First grade is wild.

You’re learning how to be a human,

how to write things down,

how to manage friendships and follow rules,

and all the while everybody’s teeth are falling out all over the place.

This was tweeted by @that’snotmustard


When my daughter was in first grade, there was a chain reaction one day.

One kid lost their tooth and then a bunch of other kids followed.

They must have just yanked them out.

Peer pressure.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re excited, too.

It’s such a right of passage to lose those baby teeth!

It’s an important milestone that our kids can’t get enough of.

And since you’re here, I can assume that you’ve decided to keep the fairy tradition alive.

This is why I wanted to create a few different options for a tooth fairy certificate.

Because when I was looking, I didn’t really see anything that I loved.

And I definitely didn’t see any diverse options, either.

So great ready!

Below you will find a selection of free printable tooth fairy certificates.

I have colors that make great boy options and great girl options, too.

Let’s get back to the actual idea of the tooth fairy.

It’s a super fun tradition but it’s also kind of stressful.

Especially if you have a light sleeper.

I mean come on, tooth fairy!

Who thought it was a good idea to hide a small gift or some coins under the pillow?!

Well, I guess the fairy magic will take care of that potential issue.

Anyway, let’s get on to what brought you here!

Free Printable Tooth Fairy Certificate

Here are the steps you need to take to get the tooth fairy magic started.

  • Click below to get your instant download.
  • Print the PDF on thick card stock. Your child will want to keep this special keepsake!
  • Fill out the certificate with your child’s name and the date.
  • Place the certificate near your child’s pillow.
  • Replace your child’s baby tooth with some money or a small gift.
  • You can also sprinkle some “fairy dust” if you’ve got some glitter lying around!

Your child is going to be SO excited tomorrow morning!

I’m so excited you’re here because including a tooth fairy certificate into the night’s festivities is such a fun way to celebrate this milestone.

Tooth Fairy Certificate Download

Printable Tooth Fairy Certificate
Free Printable Tooth Fairy Certificate
Tooth Fairy Certificate

Below you can choose the perfect certificate straight from the desk of the tooth fairy.

I have a couple different versions of my certificate for you to choose from.

Make sure you also download my printable tooth fairy receipt or printable letter from the tooth fairy, too!

Subscribe below in order to get your printable instantly!

Just make sure to only print the version that you prefer.

The PDF will open with all three options.

Tooth Fairy Certificate Printable

I hope your child’s eyes are full with wonder tomorrow! I would love to hear about your child’s reaction in the comments below.

PS- Also, I kind of want to know what you do with your child’s tooth.

Do you keep it?

Funny story: I literally found my daughter’s tooth in the medicine cabinet and I had NO IDEA how it got there.

I asked my husband and HE PUT IT THERE. So, yeah, I guess we keep our kid’s teeth in this house.

We don’t actually, but he said that he didn’t know if I wanted to keep it, so he put it there.

And then forgot to ask me.

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