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Free Tooth Fairy Letter Printable Your Kid Will Love

The loss of a baby tooth (whether it’s the first lost tooth or not) is such a big occasion in a child’s life.

It’s a super exciting time.

It requires ALL the things.

Some fun ideas in order to celebrate.

A tooth fairy letter printable.

Free Printable Letter From The Tooth Fairy

And a certificate from the tooth fairy, too!

A letter from the tooth fairy just might end up being a treasured item for your child.

It’s also a great way to encourage your child to take better care of their teeth.

I created this letter for the second reason.

You see, my 7 year old is a great kid, but recently she has started telling lies.

Not all of the time, only when it comes to personal hygiene.

I thought this wasn’t supposed to start until middle school?!?!

She will tell us that she brushed her teeth, but we know she didn’t.

I’m sure it’s just a phase that has something to do with asserting her independence.

You can’t tell me what to do!

But why does this sudden defiance have to present itself with teeth brushing?

Why can’t it be eating (been there) or wearing clothes (been there, too!)

If any of you moms out there are dealing with the same thing, leave me a comment below.

I would love to know that I’m not alone in this!

Anyway, you are about to make the tooth fairy tradition even more magical!

Free Tooth Fairy Letter Printable

Free Printable Tooth Fairy Letter

As I was saying, the above story is the reason that I created this printable.

Well, no.

It’s the reason that I went looking for a printable.

But I didn’t find one that I liked (that was free).

THAT’S why I created this printable tooth fairy letter.

It congratulates your child for losing a very special tooth.

More importantly, it reminds your child to brush and floss everyday for healthy teeth.

It also encourages your child to eat lots of fruits and vegetables for a beautiful and healthy smile.

So smart, right?

I mean, our kids are WAY more likely to listen to the tooth fairy than they are likely to listen to us.

For some reason.

Here’s what this special message straight from the desk of the tooth fairy says:

Good morning!

Congratulations on losing a tooth!

I have left you a special surprise as a reward for taking such good care of your teeth.

Remember to brush and floss everyday so that your teeth can stay strong and healthy!

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables to keep your smile bright and beautiful, too!

Keep smiling and I’m sure I’ll visit again soon!

-The Tooth Fairy

It’s perfect for your little girl or boy.

PS- It’s possible that at some point, the tooth fairy will forget to come! You might want to save this tooth fairy forgot to come letter in case that happens!

What To Do With Your Tooth Fairy Letter

Free Printable Letter From The Tooth Fairy

First, grab some thick card stock and place it into your printer.

Download the PDF file that is found at the end of this post and send it to your printer.

While you’re at it, I highly recommend also printing my Tooth Fairy Certificate.

(This certificate is geared toward a child who has lost their FIRST tooth.)

Then, place the tooth fairy letter near your child’s pillow.

Don’t forget to take your child’s tooth from under the pillow!

Then place some coins, money or a small treat under the pillow in place of the tooth.

Carefully. (Good luck!)

Also, if you have a story of sneaking into your child’s room and your child waking up during this tradition, I need to hear it!

Drop a comment below.

I have created three different versions of this tooth fairy letter.

If none of these versions works for your family, let me know in the comments.

I would be happy to create a new version for you!

Please realize that these letters have been created by me and are for personal use only!

Free Tooth Fairy Letter Printable

Download Your Free Printable Tooth Fairy Letter

I have three different versions of my tooth fairy letter available for instant download in PDF format.

Make sure that you only print the one that you would like, as all three will appear in the same PDF.

I hope one of them is the perfect one for your child.

Whether it’s the tooth fairy’s first visit, or the seventh, I hope this was a fun way to celebrate the loss of a tooth for your child!

Looking for more tooth fairy ideas?

Frequently Asked Questions

Should the tooth fairy leave a note?

Of course, having the tooth fairy leave a special letter is not necessary, but it is a great idea! It will help both younger children and an older child feel special. Getting a fairy report will make every wiggly tooth from now on a very special event.

How much should the tooth fairy pay?

This is of course up to you! Did you know that the tooth fairy uses your child’s baby teeth to make fairy dust? The quality of the dust dictates how much your child earns, but a shiny coin or two is sufficient if that’s what works for your family! Small gifts are also an option.

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Monday 2nd of October 2023

This is so cute! My niece is 6 right now and very excited about her wiggly teeth. I shared this with my sister-in-law to give her once that first one finally falls out. Thanks so much for sharing this!

Brenda Kosciuk

Tuesday 3rd of October 2023

Thanks for the share!

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