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260 Amazing This Or That Questions For Kids

If you’re looking for an engaging, fun activity for your kids, you’ve found it!

These this or that questions for kids are so much fun.

This or That Questions For Kids

They can also help you to get to know your kids better, or vice versa!

They could get to know their parents better, too.

This or that questions are my favorite activity for:

  • waiting at the doctor’s or dentist’s office
  • waiting in the car with my younger daughter while my older daughter is at gymnastics
  • as one of my favorite road trip activities (this is my absolute favorite one!)

You get the idea.

The beauty of this activity is that you can literally do it at any time.


And you don’t need any supplies.

No-prep outdoor games are my favorite ones.

What To Do With These This Or That Questions

Of course, you can simply ask these funny kid questions and it will provide a ton of fun (and for a long time- this is a long list!).

However, my favorite thing to do with this list is to use it to see how well we know each other.

First, ask the question.

Have everyone think of their answer without saying it aloud.

Then, have each person guess what the other person chose.

I think mom loves sausage way more than bacon.

I use this variation with my Spanish and ESL students all the time.

We guess each other’s answers to make it more fun and a little bit competitive.

It also provides a ton more verbal output.

If you’re a teacher, you could also use these questions for a brain break or a Fun Friday activity.

These questions will work for kids of all ages, from kindergarten to middle school, even for teens!

This Or That Questions For Kids Or Students

This or That Questions For Kids
  1. Do you prefer sugary snacks or salty snacks?

2. What do you like more, chocolate or candy?

3. What’s better, McDonald’s or Wendy’s?

4. Would you rather have Rapunzel’s hair or Jasmine’s tiger?

5. Do you like to wake up early or sleep in late?

6. What is better, super hot weather or super cold weather?

7. Would you rather read a book or be read to?

8. What’s better, hard ice cream or soft ice cream?

9. What would you rather ride, a roller coaster or a ferris wheel?

10. Which do you like more, scrambled eggs or hard-boiled eggs?

11. Would you rather play a board game or card game?

12. What is more comfortable, onesie pajamas or two-piece pajamas?

13. Would you rather walk around in fuzzy socks or bare feet?

14. What would be more fun to have, a secret room or secret garden?

15. Which movie is better, Frozen or Frozen 2?

16. At a carnival, would you buy cotton candy or funnel cake?

17. Which would you rather eat, doughnuts or doughnut holes?

18. Do you like to go to the zoo or the aquarium?

19. What is more fun, sliding down a slide or swinging on the swings?

20. Would you rather visit an indoor waterpark or outdoor waterpark?

21. What would you ride the most, the carousel ride or the ferris wheel?

22. Do you prefer summer or winter?

23. Do you prefer spring or fall?

24. Would you rather have a lot of money or a lot of happiness?

25. Would you rather have many friends and no best friend or one best friend?

26. Which cereal is better, Lucky Charms or Cocoa Puffs?

27. Which do you prefer, chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream?

28. Would you choose cake or ice cream cake?

29. Which holiday is more fun to celebrate, Valentine’s Day or Saint Patrick’s Day?

30. In spring, would you rather ump in puddles or make mud pies?

31. Would you rather visit a trampoline park or an amusement park?

32. Would you rather visit an amusement part or a water park?

33. Which is worse, sweating or shivering?

34. Which is worse, smelly feet or sweaty hands?

35. Would you rather be hungry or thirsty?

36. Which meal is your favorite, breakfast or dinner?

37. Would you rather play video games or read books?

38. Which do you like more, competitive games or cooperative games?

39. Would you rather play Hide And Seek or Tag?

40. Which animal is scarier, lions or bears?

41. Which animal do you like more, monkeys or gorillas?

42. Which do you prefer, cats or kittens?

43. Which dog is cuter, bulldogs or chihuahuas?

44. Are you better at spending money or saving money?

45. Would you rather go shopping or go out to eat?

46. Do you eat three big meals a day or do you snack all day?

47. Would you rather go on vacation with your family or have a party at home with your friends?

48. Which is the better dairy product, cheese or yogurt?

49. Which do you prefer, pizza or cheeseburgers?

50. Would you rather swim at the beach or in a pool?

51. Do you prefer sweet food or spicy food?

52. What do you like more, bright colors or light colors?

53. Would you rather live in a cozy house or a big mansion?

54. Are you serious or silly?

55. Would you rather clean or organize?

56. Do you like fantasy or real life?

57. Would you rather be on a deserted island or in a big city?

58. Which is better, a mountain vacation or an island vacation?

59. Would you rather ski or snowboard?

60. Would you rather be the smartest person in the world or the nicest person in the world?

61. What would be more fun, to travel in a hot air balloon or a helicopter?

62. Which is better, french fries or potato chips?

63. What do you prefer, getting fast food or sitting down at a restaurant?

64. Would you want a pet dragon or a pet dinosaur?

65. Would you rather play a musical instrument very well or sing very well?

66. Would you rather eat cold foods forever or hot foods forever?

67. Would you watch a movie or watch a tv show?

68. Are you more likely to move to a different country or to live in the same town your whole life?

69. Would you rather watch a scare movie or a funny one?

70. Which sandwich do you prefer, peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and fluff?

71. Do you like watching the Winter Olympics or the Summer Olympics?

72. Would you rather be the oldest sibling or the youngest sibling?

73. Would you rather drink a cup of hot sauce or eat a whole lemon?

74. Do you want a pet snake or a pet tarantula?

75. Do you want new clothes or new toys?

Funny This or That Questions For Kids

76. Which do you like more, daytime or nighttime?

77. Would you rather read or watch TV?

78. Do you like to be inside or outside?

79. Do you like to spend time with others or be alone?

80. Do you prefer blackberries or raspberries?

81. Which is better, baseball or basketball?

82. Which is better, gymnastics or running track?

83. Which is better, soccer or football?

84. Which do you like to do more, dance or sing?

85. Do you like small parties or big celebrations?

86. Do you like rain or snow?

87. Do you like roller skating or riding a bike?

88. Do you like dogs or cats?

89. Would you rather drink water or milk?

90. Do you like seafood or steak?

91. Do you prefer a taco or a burrito?

92. Do you like showers or baths?

93. Would you rather watch a movie at home or at the theater?

94. What’s better, the cake or the frosting?

95. What’s better, cake or cupcakes?

96. Would you rather spend more time with family or more time with friends?

97. Do you like to work independently on school work or in a group?

98. Are you a good listening or a chatterbox?

99. Would you rather be cold or hot?

100. Would you rather drive to Disneyworld or fly?

101. What do you prefer, going for a walk or going on a hike?

102. What’s cooler, robots or aliens?

103. What’s better, tag or jump rope?

104. What’s better, chocolate or candy?

105. What’s better, soda or water?

106. Would you rather color or paint?

107. Would you rather play in the ocean or build a sandcastle?

108. Which do you like more, water slides or the wave pool?

109. Do you want to camp in a tent or in a camper?

110. Would you rather have another brother or sister?

111. What’s cuter, the panda bear or the koala bear?

112. What’s scarier, the hippopotamus or the lion?

113. What’s better, the color green or the color orange?

114. Would you rather do your homework or do household chores?

115. What is worse, a doctor’s appointment or a dentist appointment?

116. Would you rather write a story or illustrate a story?

117. Which day is better, Saturday or Sunday?

118. What is better, a hot dog or a hamburger?

119. Would you rather sit in a chair at a restaurant or in a booth?

120. What is cuter, puppies or kittens?

121. Would you rather have a lot of free time or be involved in many activities that keep you busy?

122. Would you rather be at school or at home with your family?

123. Would you like to have the ability to see in the dark or to turn invisible?

124. Is it better to know a lot about one thing or a little about many things?

125. If you had to be one, would you be a policeman or a firefighter?

126. Would you rather play with your friends or your cousins?

127. Do you want to go back in time for a day or into the future for one day?

128. What is more helpful, being able to climb fast or run fast?

129. Would you rather watch a sport or play it?

130. What would you eat at the movies, candy or popcorn?

131. What do you like to write with, a pen or a pencil?

132. What is the better pet, a cat or a dog?

133. Would you rather go to the same place on vacation or try something new?

134. What’s better, math or reading?

135. What’s better, gym class or art class?

136. What’s better, learning about history or science?

137. Would you rather dive into the ocean or blast off into space?

138. What do you like more, giving gifts or receiving them?

139. Do you prefer reading or writing?

140. Would you rather have a trampoline or a pool?

141. Would you rather swim in a lake or an ocean?

142. What do you like more, sledding or ice skating?

143. What’s better, ice cream in a cup or in a cone?

144. What’s better, ketchup or ranch?

145. What do you like more, soup or salad?

146. Would you rather play a board game or do a puzzle?

147. What would you rather wear, shorts or pants?

148. What’s your preferred breakfast food, pancakes or waffles?

149. Which breakfast meat is better, sausage or bacon?

150. Would you rather have a scavenger hunt or play Hide and Seek?

This or That Questions for Kids

151. Do you like to color with markers or colored pencils?

152. What’s worse, shoveling snow or raking leaves?

153. What’s more fun, fishing or hiking?

154. What’s better, chocolate milk or strawberry milk?

155. Would you rather help your mother cook or help her clean?

156. What’s worse, thunder or lightning?

157. What do you like more, orange juice or apple juice?

158. Would you rather play ping pong or air hockey?

159. Who’s better, Mickey Mouse or Goofy?

160. What’s better, sour candy or sweet?

161. What do you want to own one day, a car or a truck?

162. What’s the better Christmas dinner, turkey or ham?

163. What’s better, bagels or english muffins?

164. What do you like more, toasted bread with butter or bread with butter?

165. What would you rather have, curly hair or straight hair?

166. What do you like more, pasta or rice?

167. What would you rather wear, jeans or sweatpants?

168. What’s the better holiday, Halloween or Easter?

169. What do you put on your toast more often, butter or cream cheese?

170. Would you rather wear sneakers or flip flops?

171. Would you rather wear snow boots or rain boots?

172. Which movie is better, Frozen or Frozen 2?

173. Which is better, french fries or mashed potatoes?

174. What’s easier, push-ups or sit-ups?

175. What’s harder, pull-ups or push-ups?

176. What do you like more, green grapes or red grapes?

177. What do you like more, chocolate cake or vanilla?

178. What’s better, peanuts or peanut butter?

179. What’s better, sweet pickles or dill pickles?

180. What’s better, pie or cake?

181. What do you like more, chicken fingers or chicken nuggets?

182. Would you rather be very short or very tall?

183. What’s better, cucumbers or pickles?

184. Would you rather live in a boathouse or a treehouse?

185. Would you rather listen to music or watch a movie?

186. What do you like more, gym class or recess?

187. What’s cuter, a long-haired cat or a short-haired cat?

188. What’s more beautiful, a peacock or a flamingo?

189. Would you rather play with slime or putty?

190. What do you like more, popcorn or pretzels?

191. What’s worse, bees or mosquitos?

192. What’s better, gloves or mittens?

193. What’s better, cereal or yogurt?

194. When it’s hot, would you rather eat a snow cone or a popsicle?

195. What do you like more, raw carrots or celery?

196. What’s better, cake or brownies?

197. What do you prefer, chicken wings or chicken legs?

198. What do you like more, spicy salsa or mild salsa?

199. Would you rather have no homework or no tests?

200. Would you rather visit every country on earth or travel to outer space?

201. Do you want a pool or a hot tub?

202. What’s easier, addition or subtraction?

203. Would you rather sit at your desk or stand at your desk?

204. Would you rather have no snacks or no dessert?

205. Would you rather be a witch or a wizard?

206. Would you rather read all day or read all night?

207. What’s better, picture books or chapter books?

208. What’s better, chapter books or graphic novels?

209. Would you have a dance party or sing Karaoke?

210. Are you more likely to keep something you made or give it away?

211. What looks more fun, field hockey or ice hockey?

212. Would you rather play mini golf or go bowling?

213. Do you want to play in the mud or the sand?

214. Do you want to fish from the shore/a dock or fish from a boat?

215. Do you want to plant a flower garden or a vegetable garden?

216. Would you rather wear a raincoat or use an umbrella?

217. Would you wear a hat or earmuffs?

218. What do you like to see, the sunrise or the sunset?

219. What’s better, an indoor pool or an outdoor one?

220. What do you want to do on a long car ride, play road trip games or watch a movie?

221. What holiday is better, Saint Patrick’s Day or Valentine’s Day?

222. Would you rather be the only child or have many siblings?

223. Would you rather not have a birthday party or not receive presents?

224. Do you like family game night or family movie night?

225. Would you rather have a bad day or a bad dream?

226. Would you rather be a baby or an adult?

227. Would you rather eat leftovers of your favorite food for a week or eat something new everyday?

228. Do you like old houses or new ones?

229. What’s better, scrambled eggs or fried eggs?

230. What’s better, cookies or cookie dough?

231. What is the worst chore, doing laundry or washing dishes?

232. What is worse, loading the dishwasher or unloading it?

233. Would you rather ski on snow or water?

234. Would you rather tube on snow or on water?

235. What’s better, dolls or stuffed animals?

236. Do you like to dress up or wear comfy clothes?

237. What do you like more, reptiles or bugs?

238. What do you like to do more, shop online or in a store?

239. Would you rather a task be too easy or very challenging?

240. What’s more interesting, fiction or non-fiction?

241. Do you like to play outside in the winter or the summer?

242. What is better, ham or sausage?

243. What is the best Italian food, pizza or spaghetti?

244. Do you prefer spaghetti with meatballs or without?

245. Would you rather ride a bike or a scooter?

246. If you had to choose, would you be two years younger or two years older?

247. Do you like the monkey bars or the swings more?

248. What’s cuter, baby animals or babies?

249. Would you rather make a sandcastle or have someone bury you in the sand?

250. What do you like better, a sweet red apple or a sour green apple?

251. What do you like more, a stick of gum or a gum ball?

252. Would you rather watch an amazing movie or read an incredible book?

253. Would you rather be mad or sad?

254. What’s better, a tickle fight or a pillow fight?

255. What’s better, a back scratch or a back massage?

256. Would you rather grow up quickly or stay a kid forever?

257. Would you rather call someone or text them?

258. Do you want to have your picture taken with Santa or the Easter Bunny?

259. Do you want to have long hair or long fingernails?

260. Do you prefer a bubble bath or a normal bath?

I hope you enjoyed this super long list of this or that questions!

If you’re still here and craving more, check out my would you rather for kids.

These questions are the same idea, but much sillier!

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