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365 Questions To Ask Your Daughter To Get To Know Her

Questions To Ask Your Daughter

There are so many reasons why you should want to find good questions to ask your daughter to get to know your daughter’s heart.

These questions are the perfect way to open up communication between you and your daughter.

You might want to ask these mother daughter questions to get a glimpse inside her mind or to look at your child’s world through her eyes.

Maybe you want to make sure that you take time each day out of your busy schedule to give her some one-on-one attention. These are important things and will pay off immensely in the future.

Or maybe it’s because you fear the teenage years.

I’m a middle school teacher, and believe me, something happens around that age and kids pretty much live in their bedrooms. According to my students, it’s an overwhelming majority that do this.

Fearing the teenage years and wanting to avoid what is to come is a completely legitimate reason to want to bond with your daughter NOW in order to foster a healthy relationship.

For me, it’s all of these reasons. As much as I think I know my daughter, I am constantly surprised by her answers (and yes, we really do use these questions in my house.)

Also, as much as making time for my kids is a priority for me, sometimes life gets busy. And sometimes we just don’t know the right questions to ask.

When my daughter and I complete our question of the day, it forces me to slow down and forget about everything else for a couple minutes.

There are a lot of fun mother daughter activities that I do daily with my daughters, and this is one of our favorites.

You can also incorporate some of these daughter poems and quotes  into this daily routine to make her feel special and loved.

I like to place quotes in my daughter’s lunch box for school. I also like to write them on sticky notes and hide them around her room for her to find. She especially loves that.

And yes, I am deathly afraid of the teenage years.

Did I already say that?

I need my daughter to learn NOW that she can talk to me. About ANYTHING. That I WANT to hear her thoughts and dreams, her worries and her problems.

Even though these fun questions can be completed quickly each day, many of them can provide effective ways to talk about issues your child is facing, or a chance to start a conversation about the importance of being kind or building confidence.

The open-ended questions especially can lead to meaningful conversations. Make sure to seize the opportunity to teach and ask further questions to really learn about what your daughter wants and needs.

I love these questions because there are fun, laugh inducing questions mixed in with serious, more thought provoking questions. This means that you will able to discuss topics that are important without your child realizing that you are talking about serious stuff.

Because oftentimes when we talk about things like believing in ourselves or being compassionate, we come off as if we are lecturing our kids.

If you’re using these questions as part of your routine, or if you’re using the journal linked below, it won’t seem like YOU are asking the question and trying to meddle.

Also, some of the questions may seem basic, like “What do you prefer, cake or ice cream?”, but I am sometimes surprised by my daughter’s answers and her answers often spark conversations that are really interesting.

Types of questions to ask your daughter:

You will find these below!

  1. Simple questions to ask to find out what your daughter loves
  2. Questions to ask to boost your daughter’s self-esteem
  3. Questions that teach perseverance and never giving up
  4. Questions that will really get your daughter thinking
  5. Questions that promote kindness and compassion
  6. Questions that will help your daughter manage her emotions
  7. Questions about family life
  8. Just for fun questions
  9. Would You Rather questions

Not sure how to use these questions? Here’s what I suggest.

  1. Bookmark or pin this post so that you can come back to it every night (or ask them all at once!)
  2. If you would prefer to have a hard copy, you can check out the link to my Printable Mother Daugher Journal at the end of this post.
  3. Pick a time of day that works best for you (in my house, we do bedtime, but at the dinner table would be great also).
  4. Ask one of the questions below each day to your daughter. It doesn’t matter how old she is! There are a lot of questions here for younger children (I started when my daughter was 3) and questions for older children, too.
  5. Think of these questions as great conversation starters. Ask follow-up questions! Don’t just let your daughter get away with a one-word answer.
  6. Share your answers with your daughter so that she can get to know you better too!
  7. Enjoy! I hope you learn wonderful things!

If you also have a son, you’ll want to have this list of questions to ask your son ready to go too!

Questions To Ask Your Daughter

Simple questions to ask to find out what your daughter loves

1. What is your favorite sport?

2. What sport would you like to learn to play?

3. Who is your favorite character from a TV show or movie?

4. What you do you love to with mom?

5. What is your biggest treasure?

6. What is the best gift?

7. What do you love doing with dad?

8. What is your favorite TV show? What is your favorite movie?

9. What is your favorite restaurant?

10. What’s better, a bath or a shower?

11. What do you like better, cake or ice cream?

12. What is your favorite food?

13. What is your favorite snack?

14. What is your favorite color?

15. What is your favorite dance move?

16. Where is your favorite place to shop?

17. What’s better, rain or snow?

18. What is your favorite fruit? Vegetable?

19. Describe your favorite outfit.

20. What is your favorite month and why?

21. What is your favorite season?

22. What do you love about school?

23. What is your favorite word?

24. Who is your favorite book character?

25. What is your favorite part of the house?

26. What is your favorite holiday?

27. What is your favorite exercise?

28. What is your favorite subject in school or favorite part of the school day?

29. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

30. What is your favorite game or toy?

31. What is your favorite animal?

32. What is your favorite outside activity?

33. What is your favorite dessert?

34. What is your favorite chore?

35. What is your favorite drink?

36. What is your favorite thing to do with family?

37. What kind of pet would you like to have?

38. What do you love about nature?

39. What would you love to do tomorrow?

40. What do you love about your home?

41. What are you obsessed with?

42. What is your favorite book of all time?

43. What do you want to remember about today?

44. What do you like to sleep with?

45. What is the best part about the weekend?

46. What was your favorite part of today?

47. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

48. Where do you love going?

49. What do you love learning about?

50. What do you love about your bedroom?

Questions to ask to boost your daughter’s self-esteem

51. Who makes you feel the best about yourself? Why?

52. Do you love yourself?

53. Name 5 things you’re good at.

54. What is the greatest thing about being you?

55. What 3 words describe you?

56. What makes you different?

57. What do you love about yourself?

58. If you could change one thing about yourself, what?

59. What do you think mommy and daddy love about you?

41 more questions to ask your daughter to boost her self-confidence.

Questions that teach perseverance and never giving up

101. What did you learn to do recently?

102. What is easiest about school?

103. Do you like trying/learning new things?

104. What is hardest about school?

105. What is confusing?

106. What do you think mom is good at?

107. I am so proud that I can __________________ by myself.

108. What do you do if something is really difficult?

109. Dad is so good at…

110. Have you ever been afraid to do something but did it anyway?

111. What is something that you practice a lot?

112. What is something you with you could do, but can’t?

113. What did you work hard at today?

114. What is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do?

115. What is something you want to learn more about?

116. What would you like to learn to do?

117. What is something you know you will learn to do in the future?

118. What is something you wish you could do?

119. What is something you recently learned?

120. What is something you’re bad at?

121. I am surprised that I can…

Questions that will really get your daughter to think

122. If you could write a book, what would it be about?

123. What isn’t fair?

124. Which Disney princess is most like you?

125. It is important to…

126. Make up a song about mom.

127. If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be?

128. What is the best thing about being a baby?

129. What is the best think about being a kid?

130. Make up a song about dad.

131. What would you do with a million dollars?

132. Do you see yourself getting married some day?

133. What do you want to be when you grow up?

134. What makes you curious?

135. How will you be different in 5 years?

136. What do you worry about?

137. If you could stay a kid forever, would you? Why or why not?

138. If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

139. What is the hardest part of growing up?

140. Where would you go if you could fly?

141. Do you see yourself having kids as an adult?

142. What is the most beautiful thing in the world?

143. What do you think about a lot?

144. Tell me a story.

145. What animal do you feel like?

146. What would your superhero name be?

147. How have you changed in the last year?

148. If you could change one thing about the world, what would you change?

149. If you could be a character in a book, who would you be?

150. What are you looking forward to?

160. Sing me a made-up song.

161. What is your earliest memory?

162. Who is your hero?

163. Do you feel sorry for anyone?

164. What is something that you wish people wouldn’t do?

Questions that promote kindness and compassion

165. When was someone mean to you?

166. What do you love about your teacher?

167. What is something you wish you did differently?

168. Who do you love?

169. What do you like to help with?

170. Who helped you at school today?

171. What makes you a good friend?

172. What do you like to do with your friends?

173. Who do you want to thank?

174. Are you a good friend?

175. Who is your newest friend?

176. What do you enjoy giving to other people?

177. What did you do today that was nice?

178. Who was kind to you today?

179. What do you do when you see someone who needs help?

180. How much do I love you?

181. What do you love about your sibling?

182. How does being nice make you feel?

183. What do you love most about your best friend?

Questions to help your daughter manage her emotions

184. Are you afraid of something?

185. Name 3 things that make you happy.

186. Who do you talk to when you have a problem?

187. When is the last time you cried?

188. How happy are you?

189. How are you feeling today?

190. What do you do that makes people smile?

191. What do you do when you feel bored?

192. What makes you sad?

193. What is the scariest thing you’ve ever seen?

194. It makes mom mad when I…

195. What are you excited about?

196. It made me happy when…

197. Name a bad choice that you made. How did you feel after?

198. What great choices do you make?

199. When you’re sad, what makes you happy?

200. What is the best thing that ever happened to you?

201. What is the last time you laughed a lot?

202. When is the last time you were angry?

203. What makes you nervous?

204. What is the worst thing that ever happened to you?

Questions about family life

205. Do you want any more siblings?

206. If you could change one thing about mom, what would you change?

207. If you could change one thing about dad, what would it be?

208. Mom is always…

209. Dad is always…

210. Mom never…

211. I like when the whole family…

212. Mom loves to…

213. Dad never…

214. Dad loves to…

215. I don’t like when mom…

216. Mom doesn’t like to…

217. What do you and mom have in common?

218. I think my mom is…

219. What do you and dad have in common?

220. I think dad is…

221. Dad always makes me…

222. Mom always makes me…

223. I think my sibling is…

224. Which family member do you wish you could spend more time with?

Just for fun questions

225. Are you funny?

226. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

227. What are you thinking about right now?

228. Who is the funniest person you know?

229. What are you thankful for?

230. I don’t like to eat…

231. What are your nicknames? Do you like them?

232. Name three things you did today.

233. Do you like surprises?

234. What is something that your classmates do that you don’t?

235. What was your last injury?

236. What is something you’ve never told anyone?

237. What is gross?

238. What is the silliest thing you’ve ever heard?

239. Describe your perfect day.

240. What is a funny sound?

241. Tell me a joke.

242. Do you like being dirty?

243. I never want to…

244. Do you like hot or cold weather?

245. What would you do if it really rained cats and dogs?

246. Tell me something I don’t know.

247. If you could plan our vacations, what would we do?

248. What was the worst part of today?

249. What annoys you?

250. Tell 3 things about yourself.

251. Are you silly or serious?

252. What was the funniest part of today?

253. When is the last time that you got in trouble?

254. What makes you tired?

255. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

256. What drives you crazy?

257. What did your teacher say to you today?

258. Name something weird.

259. Where is the coolest place you’ve ever been?

260. What do you think about when you’re falling asleep?

261. What is your favorite smell?

262. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?

263. What is the worst smell?

264. What is your least favorite chore?

265. I have never seen…

266. Make a wish. What did you wish for?

267. If I could be an animal, I would be…

268. If you could buy anything, what would you buy?

269. What is the weirdest thing you ever did?

270. Tell me something funny.

271. Who would you like to meet?

272. What makes you feel good about yourself?

273. What is the biggest lie you’ve ever told?

274. I really want to _________________, but I would get in trouble.

275. What is one rule that you would change?

276. If your pet could talk, what would it say?

277. What is the greatest invention?

278. If you could travel back in time, what would you go to?

279. If you could have 3 wishes come true, what would they be?

280. What 2 animals would look good combined together?

281. If you opened a store, what would you sell?

282. I don’t like it when…

283. If your stuffed animals could talk, what would they say?

284. What is the funniest thing you ever saw?

285. If I could be invisible, I would…

286. What do you miss about being little?

287. What do you think you’re going to dream about tonight?

288. If you could make one thing illegal, what would it be?

289. If you could invent something, what would you invent?

290. Being a kid is…

291. I wish I never had to…

292. What is the worst thing about being a kid?

293. What would you do if you had magic for one day?

294. What would you change about your school?

295. I love the feel of…

296. If you could make one rule that everyone has to follow, what would it be?

297. What is something beautiful?

298. I think it would be so funny if…

299. What is the best time of the day?

300. What wild animal would you like to have as a pet?

301. Finish the poem: Roses are red, violets are blue…

302. Make up a word and tell me what it means.

303. Do you like your name?

304. Are you messy or clean?

305. I can’t wait for…

306. What should we do more as a family?

Would You Rather funny questions

307. Would you rather not be able to taste anything or feel anything?

308. Would you rather fly to the moon or be invisible?

309. Would you rather find a treasure map or magic beans?

310. Would you rather live in a shoe or a tree?

311. Would you rather have 100 brothers or 100 pets?

312. Would you rather build a tower or knock it down?

313. Would you rather slide down a rainbow or jump on a cloud?

314. Would you rather have 10 friends or 1 best friend?

315. Would you rather walk on water or fly through the air?

50 more funny Would You Rather questions for kids.

I’ve created a printable keepsake with these questions, so that you can record your child’s answers.

My kids and I love looking back at answers that they gave over the years. It’s such a special mother daughter experience.


Click here to get your instant download!

Sample page of the printable journal:


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I talk about with my daughter?

You can talk about anything! Try to avoid yes/no questions and go for more open ended questions. It will get easier with practice! You can start with: What was your favorite thing about today? What was your least favorite?

How do I start a conversation with my daughter?

If your daughter doesn’t seem receptive to conversation, try to find out what the issue is. You can ask questions like:

What can I help you with today?

If you could do anything today, what would you choose to do?

questions to ask daughter

Mike Jones

Tuesday 17th of October 2023

I have two granddaughters. This is going to help my relationship with them a lot. Thank you for creating this list. May God bless you and your family.

Brenda Kosciuk

Wednesday 18th of October 2023

Thanks so much for the kind words!

cassandra tapia

Monday 9th of October 2023

how can i get a print of these questions i need them lol. My daughter doesnt live with me she lives with her dad and she kind of live far from me so its hard to not be able to see her but when im on the phone with her i get stuck and dont know what else to ask her so this is very helpful

Brenda Kosciuk

Tuesday 10th of October 2023

Hi Cassandra! I do have a printable journal with all 365 questions! You can find out more about it here:

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