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27 Stories For 2 Year Olds in 2023 (Toddler Faves!)

Okay, so this list of the best stories for 2 year olds got a little bit out of hand. But if you’re here, you’re probably just as much a bookworm as I am. And you probably think that it is your utmost duty as a parent to instill in your children a love for reading.

You get me.

Wondering what to do with a 2 year old all day? Reading is definitely thing we do everyday.

Having your child learn to sit and listen to read alouds is one of the most important things to teach a two year old.

These books are some of my 2-year-old’s absolute FAVORITE books. And we have many, many books in our house. Below, you’ll find funny books, sweet books, bedtime books, interactive books and activity books.

So this list is a little long, but honestly, all of these books are SO GOOD. I couldn’t leave any of them off of the list.  These are the best titles to add to your toddler book collection and are the best books for 2-year-old boys and girls!

So let’s get started! I’m sure your 2-year-old will find his new favorite book on this list.

You can also jump to one of the categories by clicking one of the links below:

Have you ever tried listening to audiobooks with your 2-year-old? You should definitely give it a try! You can simply play one in the background while your toddler is playing. These are my suggestions for the best audiobooks for toddlers. 

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Best Books For 2-Year-Olds

Whether you’re looking for favorite read alouds for boys or girls, you’ll find them here!

1. The Monster At The End Of This Book

This book is a classic that can be passed down through generations. Whatever you do, do NOT turn the page! There’s a monster at the end of the book! But is there really? The suspense!

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2. Guess How Much I Love You

My 2-year-old is super lovey and cuddly, so it’s no surprise that she loves this book. A book that teaches your child that there is no end to the love between a parent and a child. Little Nut Brown Hare and his father compete to see who loves the other more. Who will win in the end?

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3. Little Blue Truck

A story about friendship, being helpful and a little blue truck. Full of truck and animal sounds, this sweet book shows how anything can happen will a little determination when Blue gets stuck in the muck and needs the help of his friends to get him out.

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4. Giraffes Can’t Dance

Gerald is clumsy. Real clumsy. And all he wants to do is to dance, but the other animals simply laugh at him. This tale teaches children that with a little determination, anything is possible.

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5. Does A Kangaroo Have A Mother, Too?

Warning: This is NOT a book that the reader will enjoy, but it’s definitely one that your 2-year-old will love! It reminds your child that everyone, even animals, have a mother that loves them very much, and that their mother loves them, too.

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6. Corduroy

A sweet, classic story about a teddy bear who thinks he will never be purchased because of his missing button. What will happen when he decides to find it himself in the massive department store? 

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7. Go Dog, Go

Does this book actually make sense? Have a plot? No, not really. But it teaches kids SO MUCH. Up and down, under and over, big and small and so much more.

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8. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Who doesn’t love this sweet story that will also teach your child about the life cycle of a butterfly. My 8-year-old had to complete an assignment about the butterfly’s life cycle earlier today, and she said, “oh, I know this from The Very Hungry Caterpillar!” 

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9. I’m NOT Just A Scribble

A super sweet story about a scribble who tries to find a friend. But the scribble is messy and too colorful, and no one wants to be his friend because he’s nothing like them. Your child will learn that we are all different, and being different is good! Scribble says, “The fact that I’m different doesn’t make me so bad”.

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10. Llama Llama, Time To Share

A great story for the 2-year-old who’s not so sure about sharing, Llama Llama, Time To Share shows that refusing to share could result in disaster! Can Llama Llama learn to share in order to make a new friend?

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Funny Books For 2-Year-Olds

11. Little Pea

This is an adorable story about Little Pea. She loves lots of things, like hanging out with her pea pals and when Papa Pea throws her up in the air off the tip of a spoon. But there’s one thing little pea doesn’t like. CANDY. And she has to eat it EVERY NIGHT before she can eat her vegetables. A sweet, humorous story that just might teach picky eaters that you can love veggies just as much (or maybe more!) than candy.

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12. I Love You, Already!

A hysterical story about a duck who just wants to be bear’s friend and a bear who already loves duck, but just wants some alone time. Duck is SUPER persistent, though. It takes a lot to convince Duck that Bear loves him already!

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13. Elephant And Piggie- I Really Like Slop!

Pigs like to eat, well, basically everything! And Piggie really wants to share her favorite food with Gerald. Will Gerald try it? Will he LIKE it? And what will it do to their friendship? Honestly, ANY of the Elephant and Piggie books by the brilliant Mo Willems would be a good choice.

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14. The Watermelon Seed

The Watermelon Seed, a story about an alligator with a huge imagination. He loves watermelon, but is so afraid of swallowing a seed. And then? It happens!! Will his worst fears come true? Will he turn pink? Will vines grow out of his ears?

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15. Mother Bruce

A grumpy (why are bears always grumpy?) bear unexpectedly finds himself in charge of geese, who think he is their mother. This story is perfect for the parent looking for a story that will entertain both you AND your toddler.

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16. Pig The Pug

This story will definitely have your toddler laughing out loud on each and every page. He’s not very nice to the “sausage dog” that lives with him, and when he insists that Pig the Pug plays with him, well Pig “flips his wig”. Will they become friends in the end?

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17. Grumpy Monkey

Jim Panzee (haha!) is GRUMPY. Why is he so grumpy? His friends try to figure it out. But your child will learn through this story, that sometimes, it’s okay to be grumpy!

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18. Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus

If you’ve ever read any book by Mo Willems, you know he is a GENIUS! This book will have any two-year-old, no matter how serious, giggling throughout this whole book.

What will happen when the bus driver puts your child in charge of making sure that the pigeon doesn’t drive the bus?

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Interactive Books For 2 Year-Olds

19. Press Here

What better way to engage even the most reluctant 2-year-old reader than with this book. Each page of Press Here has a different and exciting prompt from your toddler. It will help your toddler to practice numbers (press five times), vocabulary (press gently), and do fun things like shaking and tilting the book to see what happens.

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20. All Better

In this book, five different animals get hurt in various ways. And you know what always makes boo boos better? Bandaids, of course! This book comes with 5 reusable band-aids that your child can position over each boo boo (and we’ve had ours for a long time and the band-aids still work!)

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21. Where’s The Poop?

I purchased this for my 2-year-old when she was going through a I’m-scared-to-poop phase. It’s super common, and if your child is going through this too, this book is super helpful. Also helpful if your child just simply likes all things poop. 

It’s a flap book, and on each page your child will realize that EVERYONE poops, and will also lift-the-flaps to, yes you got it, find the poop.

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22. Never Touch A Monster

This book presents a variety of monsters with fun silicone touches. But you should never touch them? Can your child resist? 

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Bedtime Stories For 2-Year-Olds

23. Where Do Diggers Sleep At Night?

A look at different trucks and their babies saying goodnight. It’s a great addition to your bedtime story books. Your 2-year-old boy (or girl!) will love learning that baby trucks ask for one more story, too! Perfect for your truck-loving toddler!

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24. Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

A book that encourages your active, never-stopping toddler to turn off his engine and rest his wheels. This book will teach your little one all about bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks, cranes and cement mixers, who all have their own bedtime routine. The perfect way to settle your rowdy little boy down.

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25. Goodnight, Moon

This sweet story is probably one that I have read about 2,327 times. Despite that fact, there is something sweet, soothing and special about this classic book.

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Best Activity Books For 2-Year-Olds

26. Play Smart Early Learning Workbook

Think that your 2-year-old is too young to start doing activity books? Think again! This book has rave reviews and is a great starter activity book for your child. It contains mazes, matching activities, picture puzzles and more to help your toddler develop focus, coordination, problem solving and social skills.

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27. I Can Do That! Stickers

Does your toddler love stickers? Give your toddler this sticker book, with fun and educational prompts like “put a butterfly near each flower”. Of course, you will have to help your toddler complete this activity book, but it will help your toddler develop many different essential skills.

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First Look And Find Book

Get your 2-year-old his first look and find book, with big, clear images and easy to find objects.

See All First Look And Find Books 

What is your favorite book for 2-year-olds? Let me know in the comments!

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