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Making A Pregnancy Announcement To Your Husband? 41 Ideas!

Announcing that you’re pregnant to your husband can be a very spur of the moment thing (and still very special), but these ideas that you’ll find in this post are EXTRA special.

These ideas make me want to go back in time to the first time or second time I was pregnant and create a super fun, super creative announcement for my husband.

Or get pregnant again?

Maybe I’m not going to go that far, but it’s definitely true that this list will get you inspired and well on your way to creating one of the best pregnancy announcements ever.

How soon should you tell your husband your pregnant?

Announcing that you’ve just found out that you’re pregnant to your husband is so exciting, right? You will probably want to do it soon, but how soon will depend on your unique situation. If you want the announcement to be special, then there are many ways to do just that.

It’s likely that you’re not going to be announcing to extended family and friends right away, but you want to share your excitement with someone.

Your husband is that person, the most important person in your life. Let him share in this exciting time with you!

So are you ready? I have collected the very best, most inspiring ideas for announcing your pregnancy to your husband from all over.

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How should I tell my husband I’m pregnant?

There are so many ways that you can announce your pregnancy to your husband. If you’re here, I’m guessing you didn’t see a pink line and immediately yell out the news. That means that putting a little thought into the announcement is more your style.

Of course, take your husband’s personality into consideration. Is he serious or would he love a funny or big announcement. Maybe he doesn’t like surprises, in which case a big reveal might not be best.

In this post, you will find:

  • creative pregnancy announcement ideas
  • funny announcement ideas
  • ideas for announcing a second or third pregnancy to your husband
  • quotes for announcing
  • gifts to give your husband when you announce
Ways to tell your husband you're pregnant

How do you creatively tell your husband you’re pregnant?

There are so many creative ways to make this special announcement. The tough part will be deciding which of these fun ideas you will use.

1. Involve your dog

If you have a dog, it’s always fun to involve your fur baby in the announcement. You could buy your dog a shirt that says “Every dog needs a baby” or a one of these cute bandanas that says “Guess what? Mom’s pregnant”.

2. Buy a onesie

There are many different styles of onesie that you could buy in order to tell the news. A onesie that says “Oh, baby!”, “Coming soon” or “Little miracle” might be cute. You could wrap it up or leave it somewhere around the house for your husband or significant other to find.

3. Get photographic evidence

I LOVE this idea. Take your husband to the mall and go into a photo booth. After the first picture is snapped, tell him the news and you’ll get his reaction caught on camera.

4. Play Charades

If your husband is a competitive game player, why not play a round of Charades? Try to play a few times through normally, and then reveal that your pregnant a little way through.

If you are into games, Scrabble or Pictionary are other options.

5. A puzzle announcement

Buy your husband one of these “you’re going to be a dad” puzzles. Watch as he gradually finds out the news!

6. Hide the positive pregnancy test

This one might take a little longer for the news to be revealed, but hide the positive test in a pocket. It could be your husband’s pant’s pocket, jacket pocket, etc.

7. Let baby items do the talking

Hand your husband a bag full of baby items (clothes, bottles, pacifiers) and ask him to put the items away. You could even have a camera hiding somewhere in order to record his reaction.

8. Use food

When you first find out you’re pregnant, your baby is the size of an apple seed. Or a poppy seed. Or maybe a frozen pea.

Tell your husband that you have a surprise and ask him to close his eyes. Then hand him the seed or pea. If he’s confused (which he probably will be), ask him “Do you know what’s as small as that seed/pea right now?” At this point, he MIGHT get it. If not, you can let him know.

9. Wrap up some “gifts”

Get creative. Maybe the first gift that you give him could be a bottle of Tums. The second gift could be a jar of pickles. In the third gift, wrap up your positive pregnancy test.

How many gifts do you think it will take him to get the hint?

10. Share a bowl of ice cream

While you’re both eating and enjoying the ice cream, tell your husband how much you were craving ice cream. Tell him that it was all you could think about all day and that you just don’t understand why you were craving it so much.

11. Announce with takeout

Order Chinese for dinner and try to remove the fortune from the fortune cookie and put a new message in its place. This one is a little complicated to pull off, but it’s definitely possible!

12. Write your husband a love letter

For this idea, all you need is you. Speak from your heart and tell your husband just how much you love him and how much you are looking forward to sharing this new experience with him. This will also make a sweet keepsake that your husband might keep for years to come.

Another variation of this idea would be to write your husband a letter from your baby’s perspective. Who wouldn’t tear up over that?

13. Bake a sweet treat

If your husband has a sweet tooth, you could bake him a cake or cupcakes with blue and pink frosting inside.

14. Set up a scavenger hunt

Is your husband a kid at heart? Would you love to be sent on a scavenger hunt in order to learn your news? This is definitely a memorable way to tell him that you’re expecting.

You can check out this already made pregnancy announcement scavenger hunt, for a quick and easy yet unique way to announce.

15. Let the ultrasound do the convincing

If you’ve already had an ultrasound, place the ultrasound picture in a nice frame and wrap it up to give to your husband.

16. Schedule a photo shoot

I love this idea. Schedule a family photo shoot. At some point, take a picture with your backs to each other, but you should be holding a chalkboard with the message on it.

After the photo is taken, have the photographer show your husband the picture because it’s just “so good”.

announcing pregnancy to husband

Funny Pregnancy Announcement To Husband

If you’re wanting to tell the good news in a really fun way, these cute ways might be just what you’re looking for.

17. Bathroom surprise

Casually leave the pregnancy test on your bathroom counter. It would also be super fun to set up your cell phone to record his response.

18. That’s not a beer bottle!

Buy your husband a 6-pack of his favorite beer and replace one of the beer bottles with a baby bottle.

19. Bun in the oven

Okay, this is an old one, but it’s still a good one! Put a bun in the oven and at dinnertime, tell your husband that his dinner is staying warm in the oven.

You could also put the pregnancy test in the oven inside a hot dog bun if you have one.

20. A box of surprises

Hide the pregnancy test in a box and wait for your husband to open it up. This could work well with an Amazon box (because you know we always open them quickly) or a pizza box, because same.

Imagine his reaction when he opens the pizza box and instead of pizza, finds out that you’re pregnant.

21. “Propose” to him

Take a ring box, put a pacifier in it, and ask your husband, “Would you like to be a father?”

22. Prego sauce

Move a can of Prego sauce around the house until he gets it. Start in the kitchen, where it’s not going to cause any suspicions. Later you can move it to his favorite chair, in the bathroom or even in his car!

23. Baby food

Get inspired by Full House. In one of the episodes, Becky announces to Jesse that she’s pregnant by serving him a meal of “baby” food.. baby back ribs, baby carrots, baby peas, baby corn, etc. Hopefully your husband will get the hint a little easier than Jesse did!

24. Wrong song lyrics

Play the song “I Like Big Butts”, but sing it wrong. Really belt it out but instead of singing I like big “butt’s”, sing “I like big bumps”. When your husband corrects you, insist that it’s big bumps, tell him how much you like big bumps and ask him if he likes them, too.

25. Download a pregnancy app on his phone

Download a pregnancy app on your husband’s phone (such as The Bump- Pregnancy Tracker). Make sure that it is set to include notifications.

Your husband will soon start getting notifications such as “Your baby’s the size of a lemon today!”

26. Faux Lottery Pregnancy Announcement Scratch Offs

Does your husband love buying scratch-offs? If so, you need to buy some of these fake scratch offs that will let him know that he did hit the jackpot. Just not in the way he’s expecting.

Once scratched, these tickets say “We’re having a baby!”

27. Surprise letter board announcement

Write the announcement on a letter board, then ask your husband to hold it without looking at it so that you can take a picture. When you are finished, show him the photograph you took.

You could also have him look down after you took the picture to read it, and then snap a few more.

Announcing A Second Pregnancy To Your Husband

How do you tell your husband you are pregnant again? Try one of these sweet surprise announcements. Involving your first born is a great way to tell the exciting news, but it can be done without your first child, too.

28. A handwritten note

A sweet, heartfelt handwritten note is always a great idea. You could accompany it with a poem if you’d like:

Roses are red

violets are blue

soon you’ll get to meet

baby #2! (Due date)

29. Record it

Have your first child and yourself announce the new baby through video.

You could even record yourself asking your first born whether or not she would like a sibling.

30. Invite him

Create a quick invitation through Canva that says “You’re invited” in large letters, and then in very small letters you could add “to the birth of your second child (birth month)”.

How To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant With Your Third Child

The following cute pregnancy announcements are some of the best ideas for announcing baby number three!

31. Snap a photo

Tell your husband through a picture. Have your first born holding a number one, your second holding a number 2 and yourself holding a number 3.

It might confuse him at first, but that’s what makes it fun!

32. Big sister/Big brother training

My kids love playing school. If your kids are big enough, have your first child play “school” in the living room when your husband is resting or watching TV. Your first child should teach your second how to be a good big sibling.

How long do you think it would take your husband to figure it out?

33. 1… 2… 3… Say We’re Having A Baby!

 Ask your husband to get a picture with the kids. Instead of “say cheese”, you could say “say we’re having a baby!”

Surprise Pregnancy Announcement To Husband Quotes

Looking for a quote to write in a pregnancy announcement card? Here are some sweet message ideas.

34. Through a special quote

  • The butterflies you used to give me turned into tiny little feet.
  • A grand adventure is about to begin… in (birth month and year) –Inspired by Winnie the Pooh
  • Looks like Netflix and Chill went a little bit too far.

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35. Through poetry

Roses are red,

violets are blue,

inside of me, two hearts beat,

just for you

36. Use a bible verse

The perfect bible verse to include in a card or to print out and hang on the refrigerator is verse 1 Samuel 1:27.

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him.

37. Use a pregnancy announcement riddle

A riddle can be a sweet way to do a quick pregnancy reveal. Using these can also be super casual, like “Hey babe! Do you know when one plus one equals three?”

  •  I can’t wait till it’s here, it gets a new name. Without it, my life stays the same. It’s sweet, it requires work, but it’s pure joy. What is it?
  • What rhymes with maybe and starts with a B?
  • When does 1+1=3?
  • Who hauls around cargo, doesn’t sleep and grows hair in weird places?

If you’re loving the riddle possibilities, check out more pregnancy riddles.

Gifts To Surprise Your Husband With Pregnancy

38. Coffee cup

If your husband is a coffee fanatic, you could purchase one of these “you’re going to be a daddy” mugs. The message is at the bottom of the cup, and will only be seen once he finishes his morning coffee.

You could also make your own decal if you have a Cricut. You would just need to use a food-safe silicone sealant.

If you like the coffee mug idea, they also make this amazing color-changing mugs. As the mug heats up, your secret message will be revealed on the outside of the mug.

39. Dad Jokes Loading

If your husband is always cracking corny jokes, a shirt that says “dad jokes loading” will be perfect for him.

40. Buy him a book

We all want our husbands to be at least a little bit knowledgeable about pregnancy, right?

If your husband doesn’t know who Dude Dad is yet, he will soon.

Why not get him introduced to the hilarious Taylor Calmus by purchasing your husband his book, “A Dude’s Guide To Baby Size: What To Expect And How To Prep For Dads-To-Be“.

41. Buy him or make him a personalized shirt

Make it one that he can wear for years to come, such as a shirt that says “Dad, est 2023”.

Video Compilation- Husbands Finding Out They’re Going To Be Dads

Watching dads react to finding out their wife is pregnant might be even more fun than announcing.

Okay, maybe not. But you seriously NEED to watch this video. It’s GOLD.

Are you planning to announce to family and friends soon? Get a jump start on planning the perfect announcement:

I would love to hear how you plan to tell your husband! Leave a comment below!

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